Uwais al-Qarni

Uwais al-Qarni

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death = 657 A.D.
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Uwais al-Qarni or "Oways b. Anis al-Qarni" "Oveys Gharani" or "Veysel Karani"(Arabic: أويس بن انيس القرني) (died 657 A.D.) was a Muslim resident of Qaran in Yemen who lived during the lifetime of Muhammad, and is considered a Tabi'i. His grave is in Baykan in the Siirt Province of Turkey.


Qarni converted to Islam during Muhammad's lifetime, though they never met in person. Following the death of Muhammad in 632 CE, Qarni did meet Umar and Ali.

Not long after this meeting Qarni left Qaran for Kufa, in modern day Iraq. He fought for Ali against the army of Muawiyah and was killed at the Battle of Siffin in 657. [Attar, "Muslim Saints and Mystics", trans. A.J. Arberry, London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983]


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* [http://www.mtoshahmaghsoudi.org Maktab Tarighat Oveyssi Shahmaghsoudi (School of Islamic Sufism)]
* [http://www.answering-ansar.org/answers/azadari/azadari.pdf The Extreme Mourning of Uwais al-Qarni, Shia Website]
* [http://www.mtoshahmaghsoudi.org/website/PDF/sufismGeneology.pdf Islamic Sufism Genealogy, November 2004, Tehran University Publications]
* [http://naqshbandi.org/topics/uwaysi.htm The Uwaisi Transmission of Spiritual Knowledge (Naqshbandi-Haqqani website)]
* [http://www.sunnah.org/history/Uwais_al_Qarani.htm About Uwais al-Qarni, from "The Children Around the Table of Allah," by Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id al-Jamal ar-Rifa'i]

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