Regal Musical Instrument Company

Regal Musical Instrument Company

The Regal Musical Instrument Company was established in 1908 in Chicago. By the 1930s, they were one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments in the world.

Regal specialised in:

* Mass-produced student instruments, sold under many brands including "Regal" through all major wholesalers.

* Custom-built instruments, produced for professional musicians in the "Regal custom shop".

Regal were heavily involved in production of resonator guitars from their first development up until 1941, both manufacturing components and bodies for both the National String Instrument Corporation and the Dobro Manufacturing Company and producing whole instruments, which sold under many brand names including "Dobro". The bodies of their plywood bellied student guitars were particularly suited to resonator conversion.

Production of resonator guitars ceased in 1941, and of all fretted instruments in 1954. However in 1965, Fender were distributing five models of banjo under the "Regal" name, and claimed to be the "exclusive distributors".

In 1987 the "Regal" name and trademark reappeared as a brand of Saga Musical Instruments. As of 2006 they were notable for their 4-string bass resonator guitars, as well as a wide variety of more traditional resonator models.

Previous users of the "Regal" name

* Emil Wulschner & Son, Indianapolis, used the "Regal" brand name c.1884-1901.

* The new owners of Emil Wulschner & Son renamed the company as the Regal Manufacturing Company in 1901, and continued using the "Regal" name on instruments through 1904.

* Lyon & Healy bought the rights to the "Regal" name in 1905 and used it until 1908.

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