List of Professorships at the University of Glasgow

List of Professorships at the University of Glasgow

Established Professorships at the University of Glasgow

The title of the Professorship is followed by the date of foundation. Dates in "italics" indicate the year of foundation of lectureships on which chairs were based.
* Regius Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics (1637)
* Professor of Divinity (1640)
* Professor of Humanity (1682)"(1618)"
* Professor of Mathematics, Glasgow (1691)
* Professor of Greek, Glasgow (1704) "(1581)"
* Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages, Glasgow (1709)
* Regius Professor of Law, Glasgow (1712)
* Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Glasgow (1716) (Until 1935 Regius Professorship)
* Regius Professor of Anatomy, Glasgow (1718)
* Professor of Logic and Rhetoric, Glasgow (1727)
* Professor of Moral Philosophy, Glasgow (1727)
* Professor of Natural Philosophy, Glasgow (1727)
* Regius Professor of Astronomy, Glasgow (1760)
* Regius Professor of Zoology, Glasgow (1807)
* Regius Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Glasgow (1815)
* Regius Professor of Surgery, Glasgow (1815)
* Regius Professor of Chemistry, Glasgow (1817)"(1747)"
* Regius Professor of Botany, Glasgow (1818)
* Regius Professor of Materia Medica, Glasgow (1831)"(1766)"
* Regius Professor of Forensic Medicine, Glasgow (1839)
* Regius Professor of Physiology, Glasgow (1839)
* Regius Professor of Civil Engineering, Glasgow (1840)
* Professor of Conveyancing, Glasgow (1861)
* Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism, Glasgow (1861)
* Regius Professor of English Language and Literature, Glasgow (1861)
* Profeesor of Clinical Medicine, Glasgow (1874)
* Professor of Clinical Surgery, Glasgow (1874)
* John Elder Professor of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Glasgow (1883)
* Professor of Pathology, Glasgow (1893)
* Adam Smith Professor of Political Economy, Glasgow (1896)"(1892)"
* Professor of Modern History, Glasgow (1893)
* Professor of Geology, Glasgow (1903)
* Professor of Scottish History and Literature, Glasgow (1913)
* Marshall Professor of French Language and Literature, Glasgow (1917)"(1895)"
* Gardiner Professor of Music (1928)
* Edwards Professor of Medieval History (1955)

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