Pitch may refer to:

In music:
* Pitch (music), the property of a sound or musical tone measured by its perceived frequency
** Range (music), the distance from the lowest to the highest pitch a musical instrument can play
** Vocal range, the distance from the lowest to the highest pitch a human voice can produce
** Musical tuning explains pitch systems and pitch standards
*** Absolute pitch and relative pitch
*** Definite pitch and indefinite pitch

In speech, language, hearing, and signal processing:
* Pitch accent, a variation in pitch to give prominence to a syllable or mora within a word
** Tone (linguistics), the use of pitch in language to distinguish lexical or grammatical meaning
** Paralanguage, the use of pitch (as well as volume and intonation) in speech to carry emotional meaning
* Pitch (psychophysics), the perceptual correlate of the frequency of a sound wave
* Pitch shifter (audio processor), an electronic device for modifying the pitch of sounds
* Pitch detection algorithm, an algorithm to estimate the fundamental frequency of speech or musical instrument

In nature:
* Pitch (resin), a viscous liquid, derived from plants or petroleum products, often used for waterproofing and sealing
* Pitch Pine, a tree species rich in resin

In recreation:
* Pitch (baseball), the delivery of a baseball to a batter
* Pitch (sports), a playing field for various sports (especially in British and Australian English):
** Cricket pitch
** Football pitch
* Pitch (vertical space); used in climbing and caving
* Pitch (card game), a bidding, point-taking card game
* An open outdoor area for various activities:
** Camping pitch
** Concert pitch
** Busker's pitch
* The place where a busker performs is called their pitch
* The raising of a tent
* The delivery of a golf ball with backspin
* The delivery of a shoe in a game of horseshoes

In sales:
* Pitch (filmmaking), a sales pitch in the movie industry
* Elevator pitch, a very short sales pitch
* Pitchware, a synonym for adware

A measure of angle or incline:
* Pitch (flight), an aircraft's attitude as nose up or down
* Pitch (boat movement), similar movements to aircraft - Pitch, Roll and Yaw
* Blade pitch, the angle of a propeller
* Roof pitch, the ratio of vertical over horizontal measurements in carpentry

A measure of distance between like items:
* Dot pitch, the distance between dots in a computer display
* Thread pitch, the distance between threads on a screw
* Links of roller chain and bicycle chain
* Seat pitch, the distance between a point on one airline seat and the same point on the next
* Also, the distance between:
** complete turns of a helix or coil spring
** teeth on a gear
** film perforations
** scanlines in video processing
** leads from an integrated circuit

In arts and literature:
* "Pitch (film)", a movie by Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice
* "Sales Pitch", a short story by Philip K. Dick

ee also

* Pitchfork
* Pitch Black

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