Student Bodies (TV series)

Student Bodies (TV series)

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show_name = Student Bodies

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format = Sitcom
runtime = 30 minutes
creator =
starring = Jamie Elman
Miklos Perlus
Nicole Lyn
Victoria Sanchez(Seasons 1 and 2)
Erin Simms(Season 1)
Ross Hull
Katie Emme McIninch
Jessica Goldapple
Mark Taylor
Jennifer Finnigan(Season 3)
country = CAN
network = YTV
first_aired = 1997
last_aired = 1999
num_episodes = 65
imdb_id = 0124260
tv_com_id = 3073|

"Student Bodies" is a syndicated television comedy program produced in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from 1997 to the end of 1999 that mixed animation with live action.

The show was originally made for the American market and aired briefly in syndication, and also aired in Canada on CBC Television, Global and YTV. It has been called "an imitation of "Saved by the Bell" by critics, and featured an ensemble cast of high school students at Thomas A. Edison High School. It can currently be seen in syndication in Canada on Showcase during early mornings on the weekend, and from 8-9 AM (Eastern) Monday-Friday.


Cody Anthony Miller (Jamie Elman), the protagonist of the show, was the cartoonist for the high school newspaper publication of the same name as the show, which rivaled the official school paper led by Victor Kane (Miklos Perlus). In the first season, Cody had an ongoing rivalry with Victor, the weaselly editor of the "Student Voice", but became friends after the staff of the "Student Voice" joined "Student Bodies".

The audience regularly saw his thoughts on the show's current situation in the form of his cartoons, a technique that has been used on other shows such as "Lizzie McGuire". His cartoons were also often used as scene and location transitions, as a continuation of the current live scene, and in the opening and closing sequences. Another main source of Cody's cartoon drawings were his relationships with his girlfriends throughout the series, who included "Student Bodies" editor Emily Roberts (Nicole Lyn) and fellow member Grace Vasquez (Victoria Sanchez), and other characters including "transition" girlfriend Holly Benson (Katheryn Winnick) and Kim McCloud (Jennifer Finnigan), who became a main character in the third season.

Others in the cast included Erin Simms, who played Morgan McKnight in the first season and was the object of Chris Sheppard's (Ross Hull) infatuation, before he and Mags (Margaret Mary) Abernathy (Katie Emme McIninch) became a couple on the show. Jessica Goldapple played Francesca "Flash" Albright, the photographer loyal to Victor, and Mark Taylor played Romeo Carter, who became Emily's boyfriend after Cody and Emily broke up. Romeo and Emily break up near the end of the show's final season. Staff at Edison High included vice-principal Mrs. Morton, played by Michelle Sweeney.


*Despite the fact that it was produced in Montreal, the show was broadcast in English; there was a translation called "Vice-Versa", and appeared on VRAK.TV.
*In the episode 'Snowed In', Mags asks Flash if she has ever seen the show "Are You Afraid of the Dark?", which was an actual TV show on YTV. Flash responds by saying she has and that she thought "the guy with the glasses was really cute." This is a reference to "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"'s character Gary, who was a regular character played by Ross Hull before he starred in "Student Bodies".
*The show's opening theme song (as well as the opening credits sequence) changed after the first season, to a more orthodox theme song. This new theme song remained until the end of the series.

Episode Guide

This is the correct order of the episodes. Showcase(the current channel airing this show) is airing some of the episodes in the wrong order. This is the proper order.

*Season 1 (1997 - 1998)

*1. Disco Cody
*2. Monsieur Cody
*3. The Bully
*4. Date With Morgan
*5. All Hallow's Eve
*6. Scheming Victor
*7. Mags' Dark Side
*8. Cody For President
*9. Tutor's Pet
*10. The Holiday Show
*11. Time Capsule
*12. Mags' Birthday
*13. Cyrano De Edison
*14. Goop
*15. Victor In Love
*16. Valentine's Day
*17. Date-A-Rama
*18. Secret Admirer
*19. Mags' Rags
*20. Career Day
*21. Secret Weapon
*22. Flash
*23. Cody Presley
*24. Bad Girl Emily
*25. Grounded For Life
*26. Tanya
*Season 2 (1998 - 1999)

*27. The Trial
*28. A New Beginning
*29. The Waitress
*30. The Road Trip
*31. Cody Moves In
*32. Dating Game
*33. A Perfect Mags
*34. The Boys of Edison
*35. Permission
*36. Boss Cody
*37. New Year's Eve
*38. The Holdup
*39. The Game Show
*40. The Teacher
*41. Snowed In
*42. Babe Magnet
*43. Victor Moves In
*44. Double Date
*45. Goodbye Grace
*46. The Test
*47. Detention
*48. Cheer Up, Cody
*49. The T-Shirt
*50. Gay Friend
*Season 3 (1999)

*51. New Friends (aka New Guys)
*52. Stand-Up Chris
*53. The Junior Prom
*54. The Blow-Up
*55. Dead Men Don't Go To Edison (aka Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)
*56. Kiss and Tell
*57. After High School
*58. Romeo Hurts His Knee (aka Romeo's Wounded Knee)
*59. Time to Try
*60. Victor Gets Drunk
*61. Chris' Death
*62. Romeo's Old Friend
*63. The Break-Up
*64. The Reunion
*65. The Triangle

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