Multimedia Fusion 2

Multimedia Fusion 2

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Multimedia Fusion 2 is part of a series of development tools designed for those interested in creating their own computer games, programs, and multimedia applications. It utilizes a unique method of development where users simply drag and drop objects and events to create their game or application.

New features

MMF2 includes many features that were not present in its predecessors, such as the ability to control frame rate, show where memory is being allocated, add alpha channels and different object "layers" (allowing for parallax and for static "background" objects to overlap the more dynamic "active" objects).


There are three editions of Multimedia Fusion 2 available.

The Games Factory 2

"The Games Factory 2" (TGF2), named after Clickteam's previous title "The Games Factory", is the most basic, designed for customers new to game development, and those who want to explore the idea of making games. This version includes a splash screen at the end of each game created, stating that it was created with TGF2, and a link to Clickteam's website.

Multimedia Fusion 2

"Multimedia Fusion 2", the standard edition, is designed for more serious creators, and can make use of extension objects to enhance the functionality of the product. This edition comes with a limited license under which users can sell their creations.

Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer

"Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer" is the most fully featured edition, and is designed for professional users looking to create advanced games and applications. The numerous features it includes above the other editions are the ability to create MDI applications, and an unrestricted license under which users can sell their creations.

External links

* [ Full comparison between the 3 versions of MMF 2]
* [ Game Creation Tutorials]

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