FDI World Dental Federation notation

FDI World Dental Federation notation

FDI World Dental Federation notation is widely used by dentists internationally to associate information to a specific tooth. [ [http://www.fdiworldental.org/resources/5_0notation.html FDI Two-Digit Notation] , hosted on the [http://www.fdiworldental.org FDI World dental Federation] website. Page accessed April 1, 2007.]

Developed by the FDI World Dental Federation, World Dental Federation notation is also known as ISO-3950 notation.

Orientation of the chart is traditionally "dentist's view", i.e. patient's right corresponds to notation chart left. The designations "left" and "right" on the chart, however, nonetheless correspond to the patient's left and right, respectively.

Table of codes

*"13" = permanent upper right canine
*"32" = permanent lower left lateral incisor


ee also

* Dental notation
* Universal numbering system
* Palmer Notation Method

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* [http://www.drbunn.com/number.htm Dr.Bunn page on dental notations] .

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