Halo may refer to:
*Halo (religious iconography), a ring of light that surrounds an object in religious iconography
*Halo (optical phenomenon), a ring of light that surrounds an object
*Halo (medicine), used to immobilize cervical neck (spinal) fractures
*Halo (comics), a DC Comics superhero
*Halo (horse), an American thoroughbred racehorse
*Halo (visualization technique), a computer interface technique that uses arcs to point users to off-screen locations
*Halo, West Virginia
*Halo (bar), a gay bar in Washington, D.C.
*HALO or High Altitude Low Opening, a form of parachute jump
*Galactic halo, a ring of gas and stars surrounding a galaxy, and in particular the Milky Way Galaxy
*Halo (megastructure), the fictional ringworld/superweapons in the eponymous video game series
*Halo (Christian rock band), a Contemporary Christian Rock band

Film and Games


*"Halo (1996 film)" - Hindi film by Santosh Sivan
*"Halo (2009 film)"


*"Halo", a video game series, consisting of:
**"", a first-person shooter for the Xbox console, Windows, and Mac OS X
**"Halo 2", the sequel to the first game released on the Xbox and Windows
**"Halo 3", the last game in the series' main story arc released for the Xbox 360
**"Halo Wars", a real time strategy game based within the same fictional universe for the Xbox 360
**"Halo Chronicles", an episodic game based on the series' universe which is being developed by film director Peter Jackson


*BAE HALO (High Altitude Low Observability), a military aircraft under development
*SELEX Galileo HALO (Hostile Artillery Locator), acoustic weapon locating system.
*Mil Mi-26 or Halo, a heavy transport helicopter
*High Altitude Low Opening Parachute Jump


*Halo effect, a cognitive bias whereby the perception of a particular trait is influenced by the perception of the former traits
*Galactic halo, a region of space surrounding spiral galaxies
*Nuclear halo, a shape exhibited by some exotic atomic nuclei
*Halo-, a chemical prefix indicating halogen
*Halo orbit, a class of orbit around a Lagrange Point
*Halo, the (proposed) new name for the Large Hadron Collider

Popular music

*HALO is the numbering schema for albums released by the band Nine Inch Nails.
*Halo (Machine Head song), a heavy metal song by Machine Head
*Halo, a song by Depeche Mode from the 1990 album Violator
*Halo, a pop/rock song by Bethany Joy Galeotti (credited as Haley James Scott)
*Halo, a song by Porcupine Tree
*Halo, a song by Foo Fighters
*Halo, a song by The Pussycat Dolls from the 2008 album Doll Domination
*Halo (UK band) Four piece Bristol rock band
*Halo, a song from Bloc Party's third album Intimacy.


*HALO Trust or Hazardous Areas Life-Support Organization, a charity for removing war debris
*Halo vehicle, an automobile marketing strategy
*Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, sometimes referred to by fans or media as "The Halos"
*"HALO: Hidden Alias List Operation", a fictional witness protection program in ""
*Halo, a type of windmill breakdance move

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