Ware (disambiguation)

Ware (disambiguation)

Ware can refer to:


* Andre Ware, American football quarterback
* Charles Pickard Ware (1849–1921), American educator and folk music transcriber
* Charles R. Ware, American naval officer
* Caroline F. Ware, American historian and social scientist
* Chris Ware, American cartoonist
* David S. Ware, American jazz saxophonist
* Demarcus Ware, All American football player
* Harold Ware, American communist
* Henry Ware:
**Henry Ware (Unitarian) (1764–1845), U.S. preacher and theologian
**Henry Ware, Jr. (1794–1843), Unitarian theologian, son of the above
**Henry Ware (bishop) (died 1420), Bishop of Chichester
* Herta Ware, American actress and activist
* James Ware:
**James Ware (professional wrestler), American wrestler (Koko B. Ware)
**James Ware (judge), United States District Judge
* Jeff Ware, disambiguation
* Jeremy Ware, Canadian baseball player
* John Ware, American-Canadian cowboy
* John H. Ware, III, a US Representative from Pennsylvania
* Kallistos Ware, Bishop of Diokleia and Orthodox theologian
* Lancelot Ware, British barrister and MENSA founder
* Leon Ware, American soul musician
* Marilyn Ware, American diplomat
* Martyn Ware, British electronic musician
* Matt Ware, American football player
* Michael Ware, Australian journalist
* Mike Ware (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player
* Mike Ware (photographer), chemist and alternative-process photographer
* Nicholas Ware, American politician
* Opoku Ware I, Ashanti King
* Opoku Ware II, Ashanti King
* Peter Ware, Canadian Music and Harmony/Counter point professor (Yale)
* Rick Ware, American racing driver
* Scott Ware, American football player
* Sidney William Ware, Scottish soldier
* Taylor Ware, American singer and yodeler
* Teyon Ware, American amateur wrestler
* Theron Ware, fictional character from "The Damnation of Theron Ware"
* Tim Ware, American musician
* Tom Mauchahty-Ware, Native American musician
* Wallace Ware, a pseudonym used by novelist and screenwriter David Karp
* Wilbur Ware, American jazz bassist
* William Ware, American novelist
* William Robert Ware, American architect
* William Ware Theiss, costume designer for television and film
* William of Ware, English Franciscan theologian


* Ware, small town of around 17,000 people in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
* Ware, Illinois, United States
* Ware, Massachusetts, United States
* Ware County, in Geogia, United States


* Arretine ware, fine Roman pottery coated in a red slip dating to the first centuries AD and BC
* Bidri ware, ware of tin, copper, lead, and zinc, made at Bidar, in India
* Grooved ware, pottery style of the British Neolithic
* Unstan ware, finely made and decorated Neolithic pottery from the 4th millennium BC
* Zürich ware, Swiss porcelain


* Ware F.C. a Herfordshire based football team
* Great Bed of Ware, an enormous bed from the town of Ware, Hertfordshire
* Product (business), for which "ware" is a somewhat antiquated word.
** Commodity, or wares
* Corded Ware culture, enormous European archaeological horizon that begins in the late Neolithic
* -ware, suffix used to describe types of computer components (e.g. software)
* Warez, slang for illegally-obtained software
* Ware Opening, uncommon chess opening in which White opens with 1.a4
* Ware (ethnic group), a people in Tanzania

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