The Cream & the Crock - The Best of You Am I

The Cream & the Crock - The Best of You Am I

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Released = 15 September 2003
Recorded = 2003
Genre = Rock
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Label = BMG Australia
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The Cream & The Crock is a best-of compilation album by Australian rock band You Am I, released in 2003, featuring singles and choice album tracks from their albums up to and including Deliverance. There were two versions released of the album: one single-disc standard edition ('The Cream'), featuring mostly singles (though not all of them) and one album track, and the special edition, featuring a second disc ('The Crock') of various album and EP tracks, singles, b-sides, song demos and two new songs - 'What They Do At Night' and 'Mr Kermode & The Million Matches'.

Track Listings

Disc One: The Cream

# Berlin Chair
# Jaimme's Got a Gal
# Cathy's Clown
# Purple Sneakers
# Jewels & Bullets
# Good Mornin'
# Soldiers
# Mr Milk
# Heavy Heart
# Rumble
# Trike
# Get Up
# Damage
# Who Put the Devil in You
# How Much is Enough?

Disc Two: The Crock

# The Applecross Wing Commander
# Minor Byrd
# Junk
# What They Do At Night
# Trouble (demo version with Tim on vocals)
# If We Can't Get It Together
# Beautiful Girl
# Wally Raffles
# Ordinary
# Gone, Gone, Gone
# Deliverance
# Mr Kermode And The Million Matches
# Cool Hand Luke
# The Cream & The Crock
# She Digs Her
# Guys, Girls, Guitars
# Sound As Ever
# Open All Night

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