The Simpsons (season 1)

The Simpsons (season 1)

Episode list
EpisodeNumber=4 - 4
Title=There's No Disgrace Like Home
OriginalAirDate=January 28, 1990
Aux1=Gregg Vanzo &
Kent Butterworth
Aux2=Al Jean & Mike Reiss
ShortSummary= Homer takes his family to the company picnic at Mr. Burns's manor. Marge, Bart and Lisa embarrass Homer and he notices that Mr. Burns seems to favour a family who love and respect one another. Convinced that both he and his family are pathetic, he takes everyone to Dr. Marvin Monroe's family therapy center. When standard methods prove useless in civilizing the family, Monroe resorts to shock therapy and wire the Simpsons to electrodes. Soon the Simpsons start shocking one another and cause blackouts throughout Springfield.Richmond, p. 20]
Episode list
EpisodeNumber=5 - 5
Title=Bart the General
OriginalAirDate=February 4, 1990
Aux1=David Silverman
Aux2=John Swartzwelder
ShortSummary= Bart runs afoul of Nelson Muntz, the school bully, who begins attacking Bart every day after school. Homer suggests fighting back, which does not work. Desperate for a solution, Bart visits Grampa for advice. Grampa takes Bart to meet Herman, who suggests that Bart rally all of the school children and declare war on Nelson. Bart and his army attack Nelson and successfully manage to convince him to give up his bullying ways.Richmond, p. 21]
Episode list
EpisodeNumber=6 - 6
Title=Moaning Lisa
OriginalAirDate=February 11, 1990
Aux1=Wes Archer
Aux2=Al Jean & Mike Reiss
ShortSummary=Lisa becomes depressed, which begins to affect her performance in school. Neither Marge nor Homer are able to make Lisa happier. One night, she hears distant Jazz music and sneaks out of her room to follow it. She meets Bleeding Gums Murphy, who teaches her how to express her music through the saxophone. When Marge drops Lisa off at school the next day, she suggests that Lisa smile no matter how she feels. However, Marge sees that Lisa is being denied her creativity and realizes that that is what is making her sad. Marge tells Lisa to just be herself, and the entire family go to see Murphy perform at a local Jazz club. Guest star: Ron Taylor.Richmond, p. 22]
Episode list
EpisodeNumber=7 - 7
Title=The Call of the Simpsons
OriginalAirDate=February 18, 1990
Aux1=Wes Archer
Aux2=John Swartzwelder
ShortSummary=Homer becomes envious of Flanders' new RV and goes to "Bob's RV Round-up" to buy one of his own. Settling on a dilapidated camper, he takes the family camping and in the process destroys the RV. Leaving Lisa and Marge behind, Bart and Homer try to find their way back to civilization, but have little luck. Later on, Homer is mistaken for Bigfoot and captured. Marge, Bart and Lisa are saved and Homer is released, although scientists say that they can not determine which species he belongs to. Guest star: Albert Brooks.Richmond, p. 23]
Episode list
EpisodeNumber=8 - 8
Title=The Telltale Head
OriginalAirDate=February 25, 1990
Aux1=Rich Moore
Aux2=Al Jean, Mike Reiss,
Sam Simon & Matt Groening
ShortSummary= Bart becomes friends with Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney, a group of local troublemakers. Trying to impress them, Bart decides to cut off and steal the head of the statue of Jebediah Springfield. The next day, the entire town grieves for the vandalized statue and Bart discovers that his new friends want to attack the vandal. Feeling remorse, Bart confesses to his family and Homer and Bart take the head back to the statue.Richmond, p. 24]
Episode list
EpisodeNumber=9 - 9
Title=Life on the Fast Lane
OriginalAirDate=March 18, 1990
Aux1=David Silverman
Aux2=John Swartzwelder
ShortSummary=Having forgotten about Marge's birthday, Homer rushes to the Springfield mall and impulsively buys her a bowling ball. Marge is not impressed with the gift and after discovering that he intends to use it, she decides to spite him by going bowling herself. While at the alley, she meets Jacques, a charming French bowling instructor, who offers her lessons. Jacques begins to fall for Marge and invites her to his apartment. Although she agrees, Marge undergoes a moral dilemma, but in the end visits Homer at the nuclear plant. Guest star: Albert Brooks.Richmond, p. 25]
Episode list
EpisodeNumber=10 - 10
Title=Homer's Night Out
OriginalAirDate=March 25, 1990
Aux1=Rich Moore
Aux2=Jon Vitti
ShortSummary=Bart purchases a mini spy camera and manages to take a picture of Homer dancing with a belly dancer named Princess Kashmir at a co-worker's bachelor party. He gives copies of the picture to his friends, and eventually the picture starts to circulate around until eventually Marge sees it. She kicks Homer out of the house, but the next day explains that she is not upset about him dancing, but rather that Bart saw it. She demands that he take Bart and go apologize to Princess Kashmir. Homer agrees and says that he is ready to start respecting women. Guest star: Sam McMurray.Richmond, p. 26]
Episode list
EpisodeNumber=11 - 11
Title=The Crepes of Wrath
OriginalAirDate=April 15, 1990
Aux1=Wesley Archer &
Milton Gray
Aux2=George Meyer, Sam Simon, John Swartzwelder & Jon Vitti
ShortSummary= Principal Skinner finally becomes fed up with Bart's pranks and proposes that Bart be sent to France as part of the student exchange program. The family agrees and Bart is sent to a "beautiful chateau", which is actually a dilapidated wine making facility. Bart is treated like a slave by two unscrupulous winemakers, César and Ugolin, who eventually feed him wine tainted with antifreeze. Meanwhile, an Albanian boy named Adil starts to live with the Simpsons who, unbeknownst to Homer, is a spy sent by his country to obtain nuclear blueprints. Back in France, Bart learns French and reports César and Ugolin's activities to the authorities.Richmond, p. 27]
Episode list
EpisodeNumber=12 - 12
Title=Krusty Gets Busted
OriginalAirDate=April 29, 1990
Aux1=Brad Bird
Aux2=Jay Kogen & Wallace Wolodarsky
ShortSummary=While buying ice cream at the Kwik-E-Mart, Homer witnesses a robbery perpetrated by a man believed to be Krusty the Clown, host of the "Krusty the Clown show", Bart's favorite program. Krusty is sent to jail and his show is taken over by his assistant, Sideshow Bob. Bart is certain that Krusty is innocent, and gathers evidence to support his claim, which he takes to "Krusty's bestest friend", Sideshow Bob. Bart realizes that the robbery was actually committed by Bob, who was trying to frame Krusty. Bob is arrested and Krusty thanks Bart for saving him. Guest star: Kelsey Grammer.Richmond, pp. 28-29]
Episode list
EpisodeNumber=13 - 13
Title=Some Enchanted Evening
OriginalAirDate=May 13, 1990
Aux1=David Silverman &
Kent Butterworth
Aux2=Matt Groening & Sam Simon
ShortSummary=Marge, feeling unappreciated by Homer, makes a call to a radio therapist, which Homer overhears at work. Homer, wanting to make it up to Marge, decides to take her to dinner at a fancy restaurant and hires a babysitter to take care of Bart and Lisa. They are sent Ms. Botz, who Bart and Lisa soon discover is actually a burglar nicknamed "The Babysitter Bandit". They are captured by Ms. Botz who are tied up but eventually are freed by Maggie. Bart and Lisa capture Ms. Botz and call the police. Meanwhile, Marge and Homer return home and find Ms. Botz is tied up. Homer, unaware of her true identity, frees her and Ms. Botz makes a clean getaway just moments before the police arrive. Guest star: Penny Marshall.Richmond, pp. 30-31]

DVD release

The DVD boxset for season one was released by 20th Century Fox in the United States and Canada in September 2001, eleven years after it had completed broadcast on television. As well as every episode from the season, the DVD release features bonus material including deleted scenes, Animatics, and commentaries for every episode. The set became the top selling television show on DVD by selling 1.9 million units, holding the record until October 2004 when it was passed by the first season of "Chappelle's Show". [cite web|url=|title=Chapelle's Show — S1 DVD Passes "The Simpsons" As #1 All-Time TV-DVD; Celebrates by Announcing Season 2!.|accessdate=2006-07-03|author=Lambert, David|date=2004-09-19|]



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