International Federation of Agricultural Producers

International Federation of Agricultural Producers

The International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAD) is an organization that advocates for farmer organizations. It was established in 1946.

IFAP is the world farmers' organization, representing over 600 million farm families grouped in 120 national organizations in 79 countries. It is a global network in which farmers from industrialized and developing countries exchange concerns and set common priorities. IFAP was found in 1946 to advocate farmers' interests at the international level, and has General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

To Act as a platform or forum in which leaders of national farmers’ organisations can meet to: highlight mutual interests and take co-ordinated action to further such interests; develop an understanding of world problems; and exchange information, experiences and ideas.-Keep members informed about international events of concern to them as farmer organisations.-Act as a recognized spokesperson for the world’s farmers, bringing concerns of agricultural producers to the attention of international meetings of governments and other bodies.-Promote the creation and strengthening of independent, representative organisations of farmers throughout the world.

IFAP's main event is the World Farmers' Congress, which occurs every two years. It brings together all member organizations and operates by the principle of one vote per country. At this Congress, the Federation's President and the 24 members of the Executive Committee are elected, and policy priorities are established. IFAP's secretariat, situated in Paris, France is in charge of the management of the organization and the actual implementation of the membership directives. IFAP is composed of numerous committees and working groups whose presidents are also elected at the World Farmers' Congress.

"'Policy Priorities"'The focus of IFAP’s policy work is to improve the position of farmers in a rapidly changing world-wide environment, characterized by globalization, liberalization and changes in what is expected from the agricultural sector. IFAP's policy priorities are the following:-Increasing recognition for farming as a profession, and recognition of farmers' contributions to the well-being of mankind.-Supporting the family farm as the basis of a sustainable system of agriculture, for today and in the future.-Promoting farmer-to-farmer cooperation for strengthening farmers' organisations to participate in self-help development.-Pressing for farm policies to achieve food security, poverty eradication and the opportunity to earn a fair and reasonable income from farming.-Promoting the best farming practices resulting from scientific and technological progress, in order to achieve high levels of food safety and food quality throughout the food chain, and conservation of the natural resource base.-Maintaining and enhancing the vitality of rural communities.-Strengthening the situation of the farmer faced with substantial industry concentration in the food chain.

Through its actions to promote mutual understanding and dialogue among farmers of different countries, IFAP plays an essential role in world agriculture.

IFAP is financed by contributions from its member organisztions, which are granted on a voluntary basis, apportioned by the Gross National Agricultural Production of the country. IFAP also receives development assistance to fund its developing countries activities.

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