Penile fracture

Penile fracture


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A penile fracture is an extremely rare injury caused by the rupture of the "tunica albuginea", which envelopes the "corpus cavernosum penis". It is an uncommon injury, most often caused by a blunt trauma to an erect penis. [Jagodic K, Erklavec M, Bizjak I, Poteko S, Korosec Jagodic H. A case of penile fracture with complete urethral disruption during sexual intercourse: a case report. J Med Case Reports. 2007 May 2;1:14. ]


A popping or cracking sound, significant pain, immediate flaccidity, and skin hematoma of various sizes are commonly associated with the event. These symptoms are similar to a common bruising or contusion of the penis.

Treatment and prognosis

Penile fracture is a medical emergency, and emergency medical surgical repair is the usual treatment. Delay in seeking treatment increases the complication rate. Non-surgical approaches result in 10%-50% complication rates including erectile dysfunction, permanent penile curvature, damage to the urethra, and pain during sexual intercourse.


In the western world the most common cause, accounting for about 30%-50% of cases, is intercourse. Of those, woman-on-top positions resulting in impact against the female pelvis or perineum and bending laterally are most common.

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For legal context, see "Doe v. Moe", 827 N.E.2d 240 (Mass. App. Ct. 2005), where the court declined to find duty as between two consensual adults.


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