Equilibrium is the condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced and it may refer to:



* Equilibrioception, the sense of balance present in humans and animals
* Homeostasis, the ability of an open system, especially living organisms, to regulate its internal environment
* Genetic equilibrium, theoretical state in which a population is not evolving
* Punctuated equilibrium, theory in evolutionary biology
* Sedimentation equilibrium, analytical ultracentrifugation method for measuring protein molecular masses in solution


* Chemical equilibrium, the state in which the concentrations of the reactants and products have no net change over time
* Diffusion equilibrium, when the concentrations of the diffusing substance in the two compartments are equal
* Donnan equilibrium, the distribution of ion species between two ionic solutions separated by a semipermeable membrane or boundary
* Dynamic equilibrium, the state in which two reversible processes occur at the same rate
* Equilibrium constant, a quantity characterizing a chemical equilibrium in a chemical reaction
* Equilibrium unfolding, the process of unfolding a protein or RNA molecule by gradually changing its environment
* Psychrometrics (Humidification/ Dehumidification Drying)
* Partition equilibrium, a type of chromatography that is typically used in GC
* Quasistatic equilibrium, the quasi-balanced state of a thermodynamic system near to equilibrium in some sense or degree
* Schlenk equilibrium, a chemical equilibrium named after its discoverer Wilhelm Schlenk taking place in solutions of Grignard reagents
* Solubility equilibrium, any chemical equilibrium between solid and dissolved states of a compound at saturation
* Thermodynamic equilibrium, the state of a thermodynamic system which is in thermal, mechanical, and chemical equilibrium
* Vapor-liquid equilibrium Distillation


* Mechanical equilibrium, the state in which the sum of the forces, and torque, on each particle of the system is zero
* Hydrostatic equilibrium, the state of a system in which compression due to gravity is balanced by a pressure gradient force
* Equilibrium figures of Earth and planets (Physical geodesy)
* Equilibrium mode distribution, involves light traveling in an optical waveguide or fiber
* Hyperbolic equilibrium point, a mathematical concept in physics
* Secular equilibrium, a state of radioactive elements in which the production rate of a daughter nucleus is balanced by its own decay rate


* Competitive equilibrium, economic equilibrium when all buyers and sellers are small relative to the market
* Economic equilibrium, a condition in economics
* Equilibrium price, the price at which supply equals demand
* General equilibrium, a branch of theoretical microeconomics
* Intertemporal equilibrium, an equilibrium concept over time
* Lindahl equilibrium, a method proposed by Erik Lindahl for financing public goods
* Partial equilibrium, one part of the general economic equilibrium
* Radner equilibrium, an economic concept defined by economist Roy Radner in the context of general equilibrium
* Recursive competitive equilibrium, an economic equilibrium concept associated with a dynamic program
* Static equilibrium (economics), the intersection of supply and demand in any market
* Sunspot equilibrium, an economic equilibrium in which nonfundamental factors affect prices or quantities
* Underemployment equilibrium, a situation in Keynesian economics with a persistent shortfall relative to full employment and potential output

Game theory

* Correlated equilibrium, a solution concept in game theory that is more general than the well known Nash equilibrium
* Nash equilibrium, a solution concept in game theory involving two or more players
** Quasi-perfect equilibrium, a refinement of Nash Equilibrium for extensive form games due to Eric van Damme
** Sequential equilibrium, a refinement of Nash Equilibrium for extensive form games due to David M. Kreps and Robert Wilson
* Symmetric equilibrium, in game theory, an equilibrium where all players use the same strategy
* Trembling hand perfect equilibrium assumes that the players, through a "slip of the hand" or tremble, may choose unintended strategies


* "Make Love and War, The Wedlock of Equilibrium", an album by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
* Equilibrium (band), a German Viking metal band
* "IX Equilibrium", the third LP by the black metal band Emperor
* "Equilibrium", an album by sludge doom band Crowbar
* Equilibrium (record label), a Portuguese record label


* "Equilibrium" (2002 film), a science-fiction film
* "Equilibrium" ("seaQuest 2032" episode), episode of "seaQuest 2032"
* "Equilibrium" ("DS9" episode), an episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
* Equilibrium moisture content, the moisture content at which the wood is neither gaining nor losing moisture
* Equilibrium point, node in mathematics
* Patterson equilibrium, a theory used in highway traffic modelling, air-traffic modelling, business modelling, and electrical grid operation
* Reflective equilibrium, the state of balance or coherence among a set of beliefs arrived at by a process of deliberative mutual adjustment
* Social equilibrium, a system in which there is a dynamic working balance among its interdependent parts
* Equilibrium (puzzle), a 3D interlocking type puzzle made of 6 half circle pieces
* Equilibration is the means of cognitive development in Jean Piaget's cognitive developmental theory.

Equilibrium, LLC - Filming in Egypt - British managed - Production company....

ee also

* Balance
* Stability
* Steady state (disambiguation)
* Equilibristics, e.g. juggling

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