Twenty Major

Twenty Major

Twenty Major is an award winning Irish . The name Twenty Major is a reference to a brand of cigarettes called Major, available in packs of twenty. He lives in Dublin, Ireland and says he still smokes in bars despite the smoking ban. His blog features often foul-mouthed tirades about life in Ireland and stomach churning puns based on 80s pop music.

He recently appeared in public for the first time with David McWilliams at

Blog Features

He refers to a few of his friends in his blog including Jimmy the Bollix, Stinkin' Pete, Lucky Luciano, Hairy Mickey, Splodge and Dirty Dave. They all regularly get together in Ron's pub which is somewhere in the vicinity of South Circular Road. He owns a phenomenally aggressive hound called "Bastardface" and a savage kitten called "Throatripper".

Like Twenty Major himself, these people are actually civil servants who work in the Department of Agriculture on Kildare Street. However, Twenty Major himself repudiates such a claim [cite web | url= | title=Google is not your friend and Wikipedia lies | work=Twenty Major ]


He won three awards in the inaugural Irish Blog Awards: Best blog post, Most humorous blog post and overall Best blog. He was also given the 'Best blogger' award by the Irish Internet Association in the Net Visionary Awards 2006.

In the 2007 Irish Blog Awards he won 'Most humorous post' and the overall Best Blog award for the second year running. [cite web | url= | title=Twenty Major lights up Irish Blog Awards | work=Twenty Major ]

In March 2007 it was announced by arts and culture blogger Sinead Gleeson [cite web | url= | title=Twenty Major gets two book deal | work=Sinead Gleeson ] that Twenty Major had signed a two book deal with Hodder, making him the first Irish blogger to be offered a book deal. The first book, entitled "The Order of the Phoenix Park" which features characters and themes from the blog itself, was published in February 2008.

At the 2008 Irish Blog Awards he won the award for Most Humorous Post and the overall award for Best Blog for the third successive year. He has ruled himself out of the running for this award for the 2009 awards.


He has also been mentioned in the freesheets such as Metro.

External links

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