National Socialist Party

National Socialist Party

Parties in various contexts have referred to themselves as National Socialist parties. Because there is no clear definition of national socialism, the term has been used to mean very different things. Since the rise of German Nazism, which called itself "National Socialism", the term has been used in Europe and North America almost exclusively by political parties with combined authoritarian, racial and nationalist views.

However, in other parts of the world, which had little contact with German Nazism, the term "National Socialism" is sometimes used by parties that define themselves as socialist and patriotic, without being racist. In addition, the term was also used by non-racist groups in Europe before the rise of Nazism.


Parties that existed before the rise of Nazism and that are unrelated to Nazism

Racist parties predating German Nazism

  • Parti Socialiste National, in France, founded by Pierre Biétry in 1903. It became the "Fédération Nationale des Jaunes de France" (or the "Yellow socialists") in 1904. (Anti-Semitic, pro-unions, anti-Marxist)
  • Austrian National Socialism (pan-German nationalist)

Parties related to Nazi-style ideology

Non-European parties unrelated to the Nazis

See also

  • Nazism
  • Neo-Nazism
  • Independent National Socialism
  • National Socialist Movement (disambiguation)

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