Underground ezine

Underground ezine

An underground ezine is a publication without defined periodicity that discusses any subject which the publisher deems interesting or newsworthy.

Most are distributed free and made by the ezine organizers. Some articles are contributed by other persons. Cult of the Dead Cow claims to have created the medium in 1984, although this is difficult to prove or disprove.

Some examples are:
* [http://www.activeattack.com Activeattack]
*Butchered From Inside
*Core zine
*Cult of the Dead Cow
*el8 / el9
*EuroHacker Magazine
*I Bleed For This?
*LOAD Magazine
*proyecto R
*Megadictos - Cuban Ezine.
* [http://electrogothic.blogspot.com ElectroGothic Gr]

See also

* [http://wps.com/FidoNet/FidoNews/index.html FidoNews] , the original meta-conversation of FidoNet, Volume 1, Number 1 published 1 December 1984
* Diskmag - underground executable disk magazines
* [http://www.detourmemphis.com/ Detour Memphis Online Magazine]

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