Egg may refer to the following:


*Egg (biology), an ovum together with its shell or outer layer, internal membranes and nutrients for the embryo.
*Egg cell or ovum, a haploid female reproductive cell or gamete.
*Oocyte, an immature egg cell


*Egg (food), usually chicken eggs, but also those of other birds and turtles, as well as those of fish
*Chocolate egg, a confectionery made primarily of chocolate often associated with Easter, the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs


*Egg Island (Bahamas)
*Egg, Switzerland, a Swiss municipality
*Egg an der Günz, a municipality in Bavaria, Germany
*Egg, Austria
*The Egg (building), a part of the Empire State Plaza


*Egg (band), an English progressive rock band
**"Egg" (album), Egg's debut album
*Eggs (band), an American indie-pop band
*The Egg (funk band), a British electronic funk band
*Mr Egg, acid house musician


*Egg (car), a defunct Swiss car make
*Augustus Egg, a Victorian artist
*Oval, any curve resembling an egg or an ellipse
*An egg, a word for a type of sewing tool, used for darning
*EG&G, a U.S. defense contractor
*Egg Banking plc, an online bank in the United Kingdom
*Eggs (film), a film by Norwegian director Bent Hamer
*Egg (magazine), a Japanese magazine
*"EGG, the Arts Show", a former program on PBS
*EGG may stand for electrogastrogram, which records the electrical activity of the stomach muscles during peristalsis
*"Elemental Gimmick Gear", a Sega Dreamcast game
*Eggs, the name of extension modules in the Chicken Scheme implementation
*Fabergé egg, any one of sixty-nine jeweled eggs made by Peter Carl Fabergé and his assistants between 1885 and 1917.

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*The Egg (disambiguation)

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