Parry may refer to

* Parry County, New South Wales
* A parry, a manoeuvre in fencing.
* PARRY, a simulation program in artificial intelligence.
* The manufacturer of Parry People Movers.
* Parry (automobile company), an American manufacturer, based in Indianapolis, Indiana.
* Parry, an English football-based game.

= Parry is a name originally derived from shortening 'ap Harry' (Welsh for "son of Harry"). =

It may be a surname and refer to

* Alan Parry (born c. 1947), British football (soccer) and athletics commentator
* Bill Parry (1934–2006), British mathematician
* Charles Parry, (disambiguation)
* Charles Christopher Parry (1823-1890), American botanist and mountaineer
* Edward Parry (1893–1972), British naval officer
* Edward Abbott Parry (1863-1943), British judge and dramatist
* Sir Hubert Parry (1848–1918), British composer
* several people named John Parry
* Joseph Parry (1841—1903), Welsh composer and musician
* John Orlando Parry (1810-1879), English actor, pianist and singer
* Maurice Parry, Welsh footballer
* Mike Parry, American broadcaster
* Milman Parry (1902–1935), American philologist
* Paul Parry, Welsh footballer
* Rick Parry, British football official
* Stephen Parry, Australian Senator
* Thomas Gambier Parry (1816–1888), British artist and art collector
* Thomas Parry (Chennai merchant) (1768-1824)
* William Parry (disambiguation)
* William Parry (d. 1585), would be assassin of Elizabeth I of England
* William Parry (politician) (1878 – 1952), New Zealand politician
* Sir William Edward Parry (1790–1855), British admiral and Arctic explorer

Parry may be the name of a fictional character, including

* Parry, character in the movie "The Fisher King".
* Will Parry, character in the series "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman.
* Parry, character in the series "Incarnations of Immortality" by Piers Anthony.
* Stanislaus Grumman, or Colonel John Parry, a fictional character from Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy.

Parry may be part of a placename, including

* Parry Peak, a mountain in the Rocky Mountains.
* Parry Peninsula
* Parry Sound, Ontario
* Parry Sound District, Ontario
* Parry's Corner, Chennai, India

Plants (botany)

* Parry Pinyon, a kind of pine tree.
* Parry's Penstemon, a perennial flowering shrub.

See also

* Perry (disambiguation)

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