Barley sugar

Barley sugar

Barley sugar (or barley sugar candy) is a traditional variety of British boiled sweet, or hard candy, yellow or orange in colour with an extract of barley added as flavouring. It is similar to hard caramel in its texture and taste.


Barley sugar was made in the 17th century by boiling down refined cane sugar with barley water, cream of tartar, and water.During the 18th century metal molds were used to create the shapes known as Barley Sugar Clear Toys, a popular Victorian Christmas treat. Many modern confectioners [,1977,FOOD_9936_18526,00.html Barley CandyRecipe courtesy Ye Olde Pepper Companie, LTD. Boston, MA] make barley candy without barley allowing the name to become a euphemistic term. [ Timberlake Candies] The FDA discourages calling a product "barley sugar" or "barley candy" unless the product actually includes barley. [ Sec. 515.500 Barley Sugar - Definition, and Barley Sugar Candy]

Barley sugar candy

Barley sugar candy differs from barley sugar by the presence of corn syrup and the absence of cream of tartar. This recipe increases the stability of the candy, improves the durability, and prevents liquefaction. Traditionally barley candy was used to soothe sore throats and calm upset stomachs.

40 Hour Famine

Barley sugars are the only food allowed to be eaten in the 40 Hour Famine, an annual event which draws attention to world hunger. A single barley sugar is allowed to be consumed once every 4 hours during the 40 Hour Famine [ [ World Vision Australia - 40 Hour Famine - The Famine Weekend: Famine Guidelines ] ] .


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