Workers' Party

Workers' Party

Workers' Party is a name used by a number of political parties throughout the world. While the name has been used by both left-wing and right-wing organizations, it is currently used by left-wing followers of Communism, Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, Social Democracy, Socialism and Trotskyism.

Current Workers' Parties include:
* Algeria: Workers' Party (Algeria) - (Trotskyist)
* Argentina: Workers' Party (Argentina) - (Trotskyist)
* Bangladesh: Workers Party of Bangladesh - (Communist)
* Barbados: Workers Party of Barbados - (Marxist)
* Brazil: Workers' Party (Brazil) - (Social Democratic)
* Ecuador: Workers' Party of Ecuador - (Communist)
* France: Workers' Party (France) - (Trotskyist)
* Finland: Workers Party of Finland
* Guinea-Bissau: Workers' Party (Guinea-Bissau)
* India (Maharashtra state): Peasants and Workers Party of India - (Marxist)
* India (West Bengal state): Workers Party of India
* Ireland: The Workers Party of Ireland - (Marxist)
* New Zealand: Workers Party of New Zealand - (Marxist)
* North Korea: Workers' Party of Korea - (Juche)
* Singapore: Workers' Party of Singapore - (Social Democratic)
* Turkey: Kurdistan Workers Party - (Leftist Kurdish Nationalism), Workers Party (Turkey) - (Socialist, Kemalist)
* United States: Workers Party, USA

Defunct Workers' parties include:
* Finland: Workers' Party of Finland (1923; banned)
* Germany: German Workers' Party (1919-1920; merged to form the Nazi Party)
* Hungary: Hungarian Workers Party (1948-1956; renamed the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party)
* Ireland: Irish Workers Party (1948-1962; merged with the Communist Party of Northern Ireland to reconstitute the all-Ireland Communist Party of Ireland)
* Macedonia: Workers Party
* Mexico: Mexican Workers' Party (1968-1987; merged with the Unified Socialist Party of Mexico to form the Mexican Socialist Party)
* North Korea: Workers' Party of North Korea (1946-1949; merged into the Workers' Party of Korea)
* Romania: Romanian Workers' Party (1948-1965; renamed the Romanian Communist Party)
* South Africa: Workers Party of South Africa (1935-1953; banned by the state)
* Spain: Workers' Party of Marxist Unification (1935-1937; suppressed by Stalinist Communists during the Spanish Civil War)
* United Kingdom: International Leninist Workers Party, Workers Party of Scotland (1967-1990s; dissolved)
* United States of America: Workers' Party (Third International), Workers' Party of the United States, Workers Party

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