International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) is an association of about 136 evangelical Christian student movements worldwide, encouraging evangelism, discipleship and mission among students. The goal of the organisation is to establish local autonomous student movements in every country where there is tertiary education. The member movements cooperate to pioneer new work and to strengthen existing groups. In addition, there is work in countries where ministry to students is not yet affiliated, increasing the number of countries where IFES is working to nearly 160 countries altogether.

The organizational centre of IFES is in Oxford, England. Dr. Daniel Bourdanné is the current General Secretary and Las Newman the Associate General Secretary. Dr. Bourdanné was installed as General Secretary at the IFES World Assembly on 17 July 2007. Previously he served as Regional Secretary for Francophone Africa. Other General Secretaries have been Australian C. Stacey Woods (1947-1972), Singaporean Chua Wee Hian (1972-1991) and Welshman Lindsay Brown (1991-2007). But the heart of the movement are the thousands of students, volunteers and staff who faithfully and sacrificially contribute in their local settings, but will never be recognised or eulogised.

This movement encourages interdenominational evangelism in all its member movements. At the 2007 World Assembly, six strategic priorities were re-affirmed: Evangelism & Mission, Global Partnership, Leadership Development & "Formación" (a Spanish word which means well-rounded development), Governance of IFES & National Movements, Integral Approach to Ministry and Fund Development. For the quadrennium 2007-2011, the prioritisation and application of these six strategic priorities are still being considered as leadership interprets the results from the World Assembly discussions. In addition, the IFES's historic emphases on inductive Bible study, small groups and "the discipleship of the mind", which is evidence of a strong commitment to discipleship, will continue.


In 1947, the initiative was taken to establish an umbrella organisation of Christian students. Representatives from Australia, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, China, France, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the United States came together in Boston (USA) to strengthen evangelism, discipleship and world mission among students all over the world.

At the end of the 20th century, IFES had already grown to an organisation consisting of movements in 140 countries. Currently there are about 15 countries where there is no recognized student witness. Most of them are Muslim countries. A unique feature of the IFES is that it is a federation of autonomous and indigenous movements. No one country is the source or the authority for this movement, which has created a vivid example of international partnership and collaboration. The missiological principle of "all peoples to all places" is a reality in IFES.

A firm commitment to evangelism amongst students, the authority of the Bible and collaborative cross-cultural mission are historic features of this ministry. As the fellowship has grown, representatives from many Christian traditions and denominations have been added, but the IFES has sustained an orthodox evangelical expression of Christianity.


Representatives of all the member movements gather once every four years at the "World Assembly", where the General Committee meets to conduct official business of the fellowship. The last World Assembly occurred in July 2007 in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, hosted by Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada and Redeemer University College. The one prior to this was held in July 2003 in Dalfsen, Netherlands and was the most widely represented student ministry event in history.

For students, regional conferences are organised every few years. In Europe and Eurasia, there is the European Student Evangelism Conference. In 2000 it was held in Aschaffenburg, Germany, in Győr, Hungary in 2004 and in Linz, Austria in 2008 [ (Conference website)] . The last East Asia Regional Conference was held in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2005. This event attracted around five hundred students from all over East Asia.

IFES also offers Summer- and Year-teams [ (] , which are composed of students and recent graduates who use their holidays or an academic year to help establish student movements in Europe and Eurasia by pioneering new work or assisting established movements.

Christian literature distribution is also a feature of this ministry. InterVarsity Press (USA), Inter-Varsity Press (UK), "Presses Bibliques Africaines" (Francophone Africa), Harmat (Hungary), Andamio (Spain), and "Ediciones Certeza" (Latin America) are examples of regional publishing houses.

Student missions conferences occur frequently in the fellowship. Examples of this are Urbana (North America), Mission Korea (South Korea) and "Whom Shall I Send?" (Sudan). Plans for future conferences are developing, and at present there are such events planned in India, Rwanda, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. There is to be Eurasia’s first-ever missions conference in Ukraine, and others in South Korea, Taiwan, Jamaica, Mexico, and probably also Bolivia and Guatemala in Latin America.

Member Movements

According to the philosophy of unity among all Christians, IFES allows only one member organisation per country, although in some bilingual and multilingual countries (i.e. Canada, Belgium, Switzerland), there are parallel organizations for different linguistic groups. Member movements include:

Western Europe

* [] Groupes Bibliques Universitaires et des Ecoles Supérieures - GBU (French Wikipedia) (French speaking Belgium)
* [] Ichtus Vlaanderen (Dutch Wikipedia) (Dutch speaking Belgium)
*Kristeligt Forbund for Studerende (Denmark)
* [] Studentenmission Deutschland - SMD (German Wikipedia) (Germany)
* [] IFES Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland)
* [] Gruppi Biblici Universitari - GBU (Italian Wikipedia) (Italy)
* [] IFES Nederland (Dutch Wikipedia) (The Netherlands)
*Norges Kristelige student- og skoleungdomslag - NKSS (Norway)
* [] Federación de Grupos Bíblicos Universitarios de España - GBU (Spain)
* [] Credo (Swedish Wikipedia) (Sweden)
* [] Groupes Bibliques des Écoles et Universités - GBEU (French Wikipedia) (French speaking Switzerland)
* [] Vereinigte Bibelgruppen - VBG (German Wikipedia) (German speaking Switzerland)
*Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship - UCCF (Great Britain)
* [] Grupo Bíblico Universitário - GBU (Portugal)
* [] Association des Groupes Bibliques Universitaires de France - GBU (French Wikipedia) (France)

Central Europe

*Austrian student mission (ÖSM - Österreichische Studentenmission) (Austria)
* [] Magyar Evangéliumi Keresztyén Diákszövetség (Hungary)
* [] Evanđeosko Udruženje Studenata (Serbia and Montenegro)
* [] Evanđeosko Udruženje Studenata u Federaciji Bosne i Hercegovine (EUSFBiH) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
* [] Studentski evanđeoski pokret (Croatia)
* [] Vysokoškolské Biblické Hnutie - VBH (Slovakia)
* [] Chrześcijańskie Stowarzyszenie Akademickie - ChSA (Poland)
* [] Latvijas Kristīgā Studentu Brālība - LKSB (Latvia)
* [] Lietuvos krikščionių studentų bendrija - LKSB (Lithuania)

Francophone Africa

*Groupes Bibliques des Elèves et Etudiants du Cameroun (Cameroon)

North America

*Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada (Canada)
* [ Groupes Bibliques Universitaires et Collegiaux] (Quebec)
*InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (USA)

Latin America

* [ Asociación Bíblica Universitaria Argentina] (Argentina)
* [ Aliança Bíblica Universitária do Brasil] (Brazil)
* [ Grupo Bíblico Universitario de Chile] (Chile)
* [ Unidad Cristiana Universitaria] (Colombia)
* [ Estudiantes Cristianos Unidos] (Costa Rica)
*Koinonia Cuba
* [ Asociación Dominicana de Estudiantes Evangélicos] (Dominican Republic)
* [ Comunidad de Estudiantes Cristianos de Ecuador] (Equator)
*El Salvador
* [ Comunidad Cristiana UNiversitaria de Honduras] (Honduras)
* [ Compañerismo Estudiantil A.C] (Mexico)
* [ Asociación de Grupos Evangélicos del Perú] (Peru)
* [ Asociación Bíblica Universitaria de Puerto Rico] (Puerto Rico)
*Movimiento Universitario Evangélico Venezolano - MUEVE (Venezuela)

East Asia

*Fellowship of Evangelical Students (Hong Kong)
* [ Fellowship of Christian Students] (Macau)
* [ Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai] (KGK) (Japan)
* [ InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Korea] South Korea
* [ Campus Evangelical Fellowship] (Taiwan)
* [ Thai Christian Students] Thailand
* [ FES Malaysia] (Malaysia)
* [ FES Singapore] (Singapore)
* [ Perkantas] (Indonesia)
* [ InterVarsity Christian Fellowship] (Philippines)
*Fellowship of Christian Students (Mongolia)

outh Asia

* [ Union of Evangelical Students] (India)
*Fellowship of Christian University Students - FOCUS (Sri Lanka)

outh Pacific

*Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (Australia)
*Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship - TSCF (New Zealand)

Around the world, more than 160 movements are connected to IFES.


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