CDU as a three-letter abbreviation can refer to:

*Cameroon Democratic Union, a political party in Cameroon
*Cebu Doctors' University, a medical university in the Philippines
*Charles Darwin University, a university in Darwin, Australia
*Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, a university in Los Angeles, California
*Christian Democratic Union (Germany), a German political party
*Christian Democratic Union of Italy, an Italian political party
*Christian Democratic Union (East Germany), a defunct political party
*Christian Democratic Union (Ukraine), a political party in Ukraine
*Christelijk-Democratische Unie, a minor political party in the Netherlands between World War I and World War II
*Coligação Democrática Unitária, a leftist political coalition in Portugal
*CentrumDemokraternes Ungdom, a youth organization in Denmark
* Cash Dispenser Unit, which could be part of a Teller assist unit or an Automated teller machine
*"Classificação Decimal Universal", the Portuguese designation for the Universal Decimal Classification, a system of library classification derived from the Dewey Decimal Classification.
*Clinical Decisions Unit
*Control Display Unit
*Combiner Distribution Unit, as in an Ericsson GSM base station

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*Christian Democratic PartyCDU (Country Development Unit)

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