Big Wheel (comics)

Big Wheel (comics)


caption = The Big Wheel.
Art by Ross Andru and Bob McLeod
comic_color = background:#ff8080
character_name = Big Wheel
publisher = Marvel Comics
debut = Amazing Spider-man #182, (1978)
creators = Marv Wolfman
Ross Andru
Mike Esposito
alliance_color = background:#c0c0ff
real_name = Jackson Weele
alliances = Vil-Anon
aliases =
powers = None, drives large metal wheel

Big Wheel is the name of a Marvel Comics supervillain created by Marv Wolfman, Ross Andru, and Mike Esposito. The character first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man" #182 (July 1978).

Fictional character biography

The origin of Big Wheel is told in issues #182-183 of the "Amazing Spider-Man". Jackson Weele is a businessman who has embezzled from his company. Fearing that he might be caught, he hires a youthful criminal, Rocket Racer, to steal the evidence that incriminates him. However, Rocket Racer opts to use the evidence to blackmail Weele instead. Despairing, Weele tries to commit suicide, but Rocket Racer prevents him from doing so. However, Racer is not particularly kind to Weele, disparagingly referring to him as "Big Weele". Humiliated by Rocket Racer's taunts, Weele visits the mechanical genius and underworld supplier the Tinkerer, who the Rocket Racer boasted had upgraded his equipment. At Weele's urging, the Tinkerer creates a large metal wheel that can climb up buildings, complete with guns and waldo-arms.

With this new vehicle, Wolfman transforms Weele into "Big Wheel", the supervillain. Newly empowered, Big Wheel hunts down and chases Rocket Racer across the city. In the process, he ends up fighting the title character Spider-Man. Spider-Man is also seeking Rocket Racer, whom he had battled in a previous issue. Unfortunately, Weele lacks practice in using his new device and, in the heat of battle, the Big Wheel topples off a high rooftop and plunges into the Hudson River. Spider-Man tries to save him, but comes up empty-handed. He presumes Jackson Weele died when the Big Wheel vehicle sank to the bottom of the river.


This might have been the end of the character. Big Wheel did not appear in another comic book for more than twenty years. However, the story was picked up again in "Spider-Man Unlimited" Vol. 3 #12 by writer Cristos N. Gage. As often happens in the comics medium, Weele survives his seemingly deadly encounter. He turns up again with his Big Wheel while Spider-Man is in combat with Stilt-Man. This time, Big Wheel attempts to help Spider-Man. However, due to his interference, Stilt-Man escapes. Confronted by Spider-Man, Weele reveals that, in the interim since their last meeting, he went to jail for embezzlement and joined Vil-Anon, an analog of Alcoholics Anonymous for super-villains. In fact, his attempt to help the hero was part of his twelve-step program. Out of pity, Spider-Man lets Big Wheel accompany him for the rest of the day. While foiling a bank robbery, the pair confronts the Shocker. Although they defeat him, Jackson Weele finally realizes that he is not cut out for super-heroics. He now makes his living using his Big Wheel rig in demolition derbies and speaking at events for Vil-Anon.

Although poorly received by Spider-Man fans in his initial storyline, Big Wheel's appearance in "Spider-Man Unlimited" generally received positive reviews. Despite the character's limited exposure, he is often cited as one of Spider-Man's least powerful foes.


The Big Wheel is discussed in "Spectacular Spider-Man" #21 (Jan. 2005) during a super-hero poker game. Spider-Man tells Reed Richards that the Big Wheel is one of the craziest things he has ever seen (along with a gang of mimes). The Human Torch says he has met the man at the 'Rusty Nail' and he is working as a security guard. The Torch also claims the Wheel's first name is Axel.

Civil War

Big Wheel recently reappeared in "Civil War: Frontline" #8 where he is being chased by the Harbor Patrol, implying that he returned to super-heroics despite the doubts he harbored in "Spider-Man Unlimited".

In other media


* Jackson Weele appears in the "" episode "The Rocket Racer" voiced by Michael Des Barres. In this iteration, Weele is the head of a band of high-tech thieves whose technology is stolen by Rocket Racer. He states at one point that he once worked in aeronautics, and has achieved everything from proper timing/planning. He is defeated by the combined efforts of Spider-Man and Rocket Racer.

Video Games

* Big Wheel also appears as one of the villains in the Game Boy Advance game .
* It should also be noted that General Grievous' Wheel Bike from has a striking resemblance to the Big Wheel.


* "Amazing Spider-Man" #182 (July 1978)
* "Amazing Spider-Man" #183 (August 1978)
* "Spider-Man Unlimited" #12 (January 2006)

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