Big wheel

Big wheel

Big wheel may refer to:

* — a big shot; a person of great importance.
* Big Wheel, a type of tricycle.
* Michigan logging wheels, also called Big wheels, large wagon wheels used in logging
* A Ferris wheel, commonly called a "big wheel" in the United Kingdom
* Ding Dong snack cakes, also marketed under the brand name "Big Wheel"
*Fisher's Big Wheel, a defunct department store chain based in Pennsylvania
* Big Six wheel, a game of chance often played in casinos
* Big Wheel antenna, a three loop, omni directional aerial for horizontal polarization

;In music:
*"The BigWheel Band (Powerpop/rock) Milwaukee, WI
*"Big Wheels", a song by Electric Light Orchestra
*Big Wheel Recreation, a record label
*Big Wheel (album), an album by Icehouse
*Big Wheel (Aaron Pritchett album), an album by Aaron Pritchett
*"Big Wheel", a 2007 single by Tori Amos
*"The Big Wheel", a 1991 album from Scottish band Runrig
*Hymn of the Big Wheel, a song by Massive Attack

;In media:
* "The Big Wheel" (film), a 1949 film starring Mickey Rooney
* "The Big Wheel", a wheel used in the "Showcase Showdown" segment of the television game show "The Price Is Right"
* Big Wheel (comics) (Jackson Weele), a Marvel Comics supervillain and foe of Spider-Man

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