Brainstorm is the mental process of developing and organizing ideas. It may refer to:

* The "Brainstorm defence" (1906) - used in the trial of Harry K. Thaw for the murder of Stanford White, based on a British use of brainstorm as a form of insanity.
* "Brainstorm" (1983 film), directed by Douglas Trumbull
* "Brainstorm" (1965 film), directed by William Conrad
* "Brainstorm" (2001 film), English title of the movie "Bicho de Sete Cabeças"
* Brainstorm (Latvian band)
* Brainstorm (German band)
* Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, an American research firm using adult stem cell technology in search of a cure for Parkinson's and ALS.
* Brainstorm (disco band)
* Brainstorm, one of the pseudonyms used by the musician Moby
* Brainstorm Artists International, a record label
* Brainstorm (Young MC album), a 1991 album by rapper Young MC
* Brainstorm eStudio, a virtual studio system manufactured by Brainstorm Multimedia
* "Brainstorm", a song by Hawkwind from their 1972 album "Doremi Fasol Latido"
*"Brainstorm" (TV series), a BBC television comedy quiz
*Brainstorm (Division), A Division of Interplay
*Brainstorm (Rapper), A rapper with Brothers Grym
*Brainstorm (software), Software from Ubuntu used to power [ ubuntu brainstorm]

Some have claimed that 'brainstorm' is politically incorrect and should be reserved for its use in connection with epilepsy. However, this claim has been shown to be an urban myth. []

Fictional characters

* Brainstorm (Transformers), an autobot headmaster in the Transformers fiction.
* Brainstorm, one of the aliens Ben Tennyson can turn into in the Cartoon Network series "".

ee also

* Brianstorm a 2007 single by the Arctic Monkeys; a play on the name Brian

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