Torpedo (disambiguation)

Torpedo (disambiguation)

Torpedo may refer to:

In nature

* "Torpedo" (genus), the genus of electric rays
** More generally, any electric ray in the order Torpediniformes


* Torpedo, or locomotive torpedo, a self-propelled explosive projectile that operates underwater
** (Obsolete usage): a naval mine, a stationary explosive device placed in water, to destroy vessels
* Bangalore torpedo, an explosive device for land use, pushed into place on the end of a long tube and intended for blowing up fences and similar combat obstacles under fire
* Human torpedo, also called Chariot, a variety of swimmer delivery vehicle of World War Two.


* Torpedo (car) car body style. An early form of usually large touring coachwork with smooth shape from front to rear
* Railroad torpedo, a device to warn approaching trains upon entering protected trackage

In fiction

* "Torpedo" (comics) or "Torpedo 1936", a Spanish comic book series
* "Torpedo", a Marvel Comics character
* "Torpedo" is a character from the "G.I. Joe" universe
* "Torpedo" has been the name of several minor characters in the main Marvel Universe
* Photon torpedo, fictional weapon popularized by the Science Fiction saga "Star Trek"

In sport

* FC Torpedo Kutaisi, a Georgian Football Club
* FC Torpedo Moscow, a Russian Football Club
* FC Torpedo-RG, a Russian Football Club
* FC Torpedo Zaporizhzhya, a Ukrainian Football Club
* FC Torpedo-ZIL, a defunct Russian Football Club, now FC Moscow
* Torpedo punt, a specialised kick used in Australian Rules Football
* "Thorpedo" is a nickname of the Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe


*"Torpedo", 1920s slang for a hit man or "hired gun"
*"Torpedo", in American cigar slang, a cigar with a pointed tip, also called a pyramid ("pirámide" in Spanish) or belicoso
*A type of drinking game (see shotgunning)

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