Infobox Weapon
name = Fateh 110

type = Strategic SRBM
vehicle_range = 250 km
filling = One
platform=mobile launcher
yield =
engine= Solid (single stage)
guidance = Inertial & electro-optical terminal
cep = 10 m
speed =
length = 8.86 m
diameter = 0.61 m
weight = 3,450 kg
payload_capacity = 500 kg (HE or Submunition)
manufacturer = Iran
unit_cost =
service = 2002–present
used_by = Iran

The Fateh-110, is a single-stage solid-propellant, surface-to-surface missile with at least a 200 km range, and it is produced domestically within Iran, including the solid fuel propellant. The Aerospace Industries Organization is capable of producing many types of liquid and solid propellants. Iran successfully flight tested the final version of the Fateh-110 in September, 2002. Several weeks later in mid-September 2002 the Aerospace Industries Organization opened a plant to mass produce the Fateh-110. The initial range of the missile was 200km but in September 2004 it was announced that it had been extended to 250 km and if needed it could be increased further. Some reports claim that the Fateh-110A missile may be based on the Chinese DF-11A, which has a range of approximately 300 to 400 km and is capable of carrying nuclear warheads.


Of the three sets of fins on the missile, only the front ones are movable. The two rear sets are not movable.

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