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Cao Bao


Cao Bao (? - 196) was a vassal serving under that of Tao Qian, of the declining Eastern Han. At one time when Cao Cao invaded Xu, Bao met Xiahou Dun for a duel but ended up being forced to retreat by powerful gale. Cao Bao then later went on to serve under Liu Bei.

Once, Liu Bei received an imperial edict to attack Yuan Shu in Huainan. Liu Bei left for Huainan with Guan Yu and left Zhang Fei in charge of Xuzhou. Zhang Fei was not effective in running Xuzhou and he only managed military affairs, leaving the rest to Chen Deng.

Once, Zhang Fei decided to abstain from drinking wine, and made a decision to have a drinking session on a night and then abstain from drinking from then onwards. He invited all officials in Xuzhou to the banquet and made each of them drink. When Cao Bao's turn came, he refused to drink wine, saying that he had never drank wine before and will never drink wine. Zhang Fei forced Cao to drink one cup, and then tried to force him to drink again but Cao stubbornly refused. Zhang was furious and ordered Cao Bao to be severely beaten up, and Cao Bao begged Zhang Fei to let him off on account of his son-in-law Lu Bu.

Zhang Fei had detested Lu Bu from the beginning and when he heard that Cao Bao was Lu Bu's father-in-law, he said 'Good! Beating you up is like beating up Lu Bu!'. Hence, Cao Bao was severely beaten up and later he was angry with Zhang Fei and conspired with Lu Bu to take over Xuzhou. Zhang Fei was drunk when Lu Bu led his troops to take control of Xuzhou and could not fight and had to retreat.

Popular culture

In Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2, Cao Bao has the worst stats (13 intelligence, 19 war ability, and 15 charm) in the game.

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