Owl (disambiguation)

Owl (disambiguation)


Owl and OWL may refer to:

  • Owl, any one of about 220 species of mainly nocturnal birds of prey

Owl and OWL may also refer to:

  • Night owl (person), a person who tends to stay up until late at night
  • Night bus, or "owl service", a bus service that runs through night-time hours
  • Owl (hieroglyph), an Egyptian language uniliteral
  • Owl (magazine), a children's/educational magazine published in Canada
  • Owl Club (Harvard), a men's only final club at Harvard College
  • Owl of Minerva, a symbol of wisdom in classical mythology
  • "Owls (Millennium)", a season two episode of Millennium
  • The Owl (film), a 1991 action genre television movie
  • The Owl (TV series), a series of animated shorts
  • The Owl Club of South Africa
  • The Owl Journal, an inter-disciplinary journal published by students of the University of Oxford

Fictional characters


  • Owls (band), an indie-rock band from Chicago, Illinois
  • Owl City, a synthpop band by Adam Young from Owatonna, Minnesota

Sports teams


  • O. Winston Link, a photographer of steam locomotives
  • Object Windows Library, an object-oriented software framework for creating Microsoft Windows applications, created by Borland
  • Office Workstations Limited, UK software company and vendor of the hypertext program
  • Official Tournament and Club Word List, the National Scrabble Association's official word authority for tournament Scrabble in North America
  • Older Women's League, a US grassroots organization advocating for midlife and older women
  • Olympic-Wallowa Lineament, a geological feature in the state of Washington
  • Online Watch Link, Neighbourhood Watch management and messaging system
  • Online Writing Lab, usually an extension of a college or university writing center
  • OpenStreetMap Watch List, a service to track OpenStreetMap changes
  • Openwall Project (Owl), a hardened Linux distribution
  • Ordinary Wizarding Level, a test of magical aptitude in the Harry Potter novel series
  • Ostwestfalen-Lippe, an area in the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany
  • Our Whole Lives, a sexuality curriculum jointly produced by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ, with versions for students and adults
  • Overwhelmingly Large Telescope, a proposed optical telescope that would use a 60-meter-diameter main reflector
  • Obfuscated Weird Language, a Forth-like programming language based on characters in the style of "false"
  • Web Ontology Language, a language for describing and sharing ontologies on the World Wide Web
    • .owl, the file extension for OWL

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