How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More?

How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More?

Infobox Album
Name = How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More? EP
Type = Album
Artist = Joan of Arc

Released = May 15 2001
Recorded = Oct 1999–May 2000
Genre =
Length = 37:56 (Japan Import)
Label = Jade Tree Records
Producer =
Reviews =
Last album = "The Gap"
This album = "How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More? EP"
Next album = "So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness"

"How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More? EP" is an EP by Joan of Arc, released in 2001 on Jade Tree Records. It contains tracks recorded during sessions for "The Gap". The Japanese import version of the CD contains two bonus tracks, which are two tracks found on Tim Kinsella's solo EP "Demands Feminist Critique".

Track listing

# "Leaving Needn't Take Long"
# "Ne Mosquitos Pass"
# "We Neither Hide Nor Seek"
# "Most at Home in Motels"
# "My Cause Is Noble and Just"
# "My Fight Is Necessary"
# "What If We Are Not After All, All Destined for Greatness?"
# "I'll Show You, I'll Show You All"
# "I'm Sorry I Got So Drunk Before My Solo Set in Tokyo" (Import)
# "My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me After the Free Trip to Japan" (Import)

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