Stovokor (band)

Stovokor (band)

Stovokor is a death metal band from Portland, Oregon (USA). Its five members are Bill Salfelder ("plnluH Hod"), vocals; Merlin Carson ("Che'ron muchwl"), lead guitar; Ward Young ("KhR'ELL"), rhythm guitar, Jason Lewis ("Khraa'Nik"), bass guitar; and Jason Johansen ("Qui Pe"), drums.


The band is named for Sto-vo-kor, the afterlife of Star Trek's fictional aliens the Klingons but, despite acknowledging a debt to Klingon-themed karaoke,Jigar Mehta, [ "With a Song in Their Heart, Klingon Wannabees Star in Portland Bar"] , UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, October 31 2003] the band insist they "are" Klingons, refuse to make appearances out of costume, and sing in Klingon.

"Klingons are very macho, very militaristic, and metal is definitely their music. We dress up as Klingons when we perform", said Guitarist Young in 2003.


The band was featured in the documentary Trekkies 2 along with four other Trek-themed bands including No Kill I and No Kill I the Next Generation [ [ "Trekkies Director Roger Nygard Answers"] , Slashdot, 18 November, 2004] who were filmed performing at venues such as [ Sabala's bar] . [ [ "Destination Fun"] , "Portland Mercury", June 2–8, 2005]

The band has also played notable shows in the company of certain Star Trek alumni. One of the most prolific shows for the band occurred in September 2006 at the top of Seattle's Space Needle for the fortieth anniversary of Star Trek. [ [ Star Trek 40th Anniversary Gala Celebration and Conference ] ]

Stovokor has also garnered a reputation for their refusal to break character in public. It is not uncommon to find the band mixing with the attendees of their concerts before and after performance. [ [ SN&R > Local Stories > To boldly go > 08.21.03 ] ] Occasionally the band are known to take their personas too far. At a concert held by a local Portland Oregon university lead singer "pInluH HoD" attacked a crowd member after a short exchange of insults. [ [ Lewis & Clark College Pioneer Log - Arts ] ] [ [ YouTube - Stovokor - The Machines of War ] ]

The group continues to grow in recognition as a number of Internet articles promote them. [ [ Music - Tod Emko's List - The Top 11 Things We're Most Thankful For ] ]


*"Metal of Honor" (May, 2004); [ [ announcement] ]


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