Center Axis Relock

Center Axis Relock

Center Axis Relock (CAR) is a shooting system primarily intended for close quarters battle. Invented by Paul Castle, it uses some of the human body's natural psychology and physiology reactions to stressful encounters.

The CAR system features a bladed stance (the shooter's weak-side shoulder facing the target), a close-to-body firearm hold, and sighted or non-sighted fire as the situation dictates. This differs from other shooting styles such as the Weaver which feature a square stance (almost perpendicular to the target), the pistol held out at arm's length, and some form of sighted fire.

Advantages over other shooting styles are listed as:
* Improved recoil control, allowing faster follow-up shots.
* Better weapon retention.
* Stances and reactions are a good approximation of human reactions under stress.
* The bladed stance reduces the shooter's silhouette, making him a smaller target.

The CAR system is primarily intended for handgun shooting although it can also be used with long guns, batons, tasers and OC sprays.


The CAR system has been criticized as impractical for individuals utilizing body armor. While the bladed stance reduces the shooter's profile, it greatly increases the possibility of taking a hit to his unprotected side flank (as opposed to directly impacting against the front or rear of the armor) and may allow a single projectile to hit multiple organs.

ee also

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* [ Sabre Tactical Group] - Paul Castle's Military/Law Enforcement training school
* [ IPD Systems] - Paul Castle's civilian training school
* [ CAR System basics]

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