Henry Ell

Henry Ell

Henry George (Harry) Ell (24 September? 1862 - 27 June 1934) was a New Zealand politician. He is also famous for his conservation work around Christchurch's Port Hills, his advocacy for the Summit Road, and his construction of the Sign of the Takahe.

Early Years

Ell was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, and grew up on his father's farm in Halswell. As a teenager he worked at the Canterbury Museum, then as a farm hand. Between 1881 and 1884 he was a member of the Armed Constabulary in Taranaki, where he participated in the destruction of Parihaka. This experience turned him into a stern critic of the race-relations policies of the time.

Ell was a Christchurch City councillor in 1903 and then again between 1917 and 1919. He was a member of the Knights of Labour and the Canterbury Liberal Association.

Member of Parliament

Ell stood as a prohibitionist for the seat of City of Christchurch in 1896. He was unsuccessful, but was elected as an Independent Liberal in 1899, and held the seat, and the subsequent seat of Christchurch South as an Independent, until 1919. Ell was associated with the New Liberal Party in 1905.

As a Member of the House of Representatives, Ell spoke against the relaxation of liquor laws, the jailing of alcoholics and against gambling. He also successfully pushed for reform of New Zealand's mental health laws. He served briefly as Postmaster General in the Cabinet of Thomas Mackenzie.

The Summit Road

It is Ell's strong interest in recreation and conservation for which he is most remembered. From 1900 onwards, Ell pushed for the creation of a network of scenic reserves along Christchurch's Port Hills, linked by the Summit Road and with a network of rest-houses to allow travellers and walkers to refresh themselves. Three of these rest-houses were completed during Ell's lifetime: the Sign of the Bellbird, Sign of the Kiwi, and Sign of the Packhorse. The last, and grandest, the Sign of the Takahe, was not completed until long after his death, in 1949.


*Ell's political philosophy was simple: "Our aim in life is to effect such social and economic reforms as will improve the lot of our fellow men and women" [From a letter to George Fowlds dated 20 February 1900.]

*As a parliamentarian, Ell was proud of his independent status. During his 1899 election campaign he maintained the view that: "a member might pledge himself to his constituents but never to a party" [citation |newspaper = Christchurch Press |date = 2 November 1899 |year = 1899: p.3.]


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Works about Henry Ell

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