Posterior ethmoidal foramen

Posterior ethmoidal foramen

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Name = Posterior ethmoidal foramen
Latin = foramen ethmoidale posterius
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GrayPage = 190

Caption = Base of the skull. Upper surface. (On the left, "Posterior ethmoidal foramen" is the 9thlabel from the right.

Caption2 = 1 Foramen ethmoidale, 2 Canalis opticus, 3 Fissura orbitalis superior, 4 Fossa sacci lacrimalis, 5 Sulcus infraorbitalis, 6 Fissura orbitalis inferior, 7 Foramen infraorbitale
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DorlandsPre = f_12
DorlandsSuf = 12373046
Lateral to either olfactory groove are the internal openings of the anterior and posterior ethmoidal foramina (or canals).

The posterior ethmoidal foramen opens at the back part of this margin under cover of the projecting lamina of the sphenoid, and transmits the posterior ethmoidal vessels and nerve.


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