Hutton (surname)

Hutton (surname)

Hutton is a surname, and may refer to

*Ben Hutton, English cricketer
*Barbara Hutton, American heiress and actress
*Betty Hutton, American actress
*Bobby Hutton, Black Panther Party member
*Bouse Hutton, Canadian hockey player
*Brian Hutton, Baron Hutton, former British Law Lord, author of the Hutton Report
*Brian G. Hutton, American actor and director
*Charles Hutton, British mathematician
*Colin Ross Hutton, Performance Measures Guru
*Chris Hutton, British singer
*Deb Hutton, Canadian political consultant
*Drew Hutton, Australian politician
*E. G. Hutton, English footballer
*Edward Hutton, one of several people including
**Edward Hutton (army) (1848–1923), Canadian and Australian military commander
**Edward Hutton (writer), British writer
**Edward Francis Hutton, American financier
*Frederick Remsen Hutton, American engineer
*Frederick Wollaston Hutton, (1835-1905), New Zealand biologist and geologist
*George Hutton, Canadian politician
*Gilbert Hutton, Canadian politician
*Ina Ray Hutton, American jazz age dancer and orchestra leader
*James Hutton (1726-1797), Scottish geologist
*Jim Hutton, American actor
*John Hutton (politician), British Labour Party politician
*June Hutton, American singer
*Lauren Hutton, American actress and model
*Laurence Hutton (1843-1904) American essayist and critic (actors)
*Len Hutton, English cricketer
*Marion Hutton, American actress and singer, sister of Betty Hutton
*Mark Hutton, Australian baseball player
*May Hutton, American suffragist
*Matthew Hutton, a 17th century Archbishop of York
*Matthew Hutton, an 18th century Archbishop of Canterbury
*Nedenia Marjorie Hutton, American actress Dina Merrill, daughter of Edward Francis Hutton
*Pascale Hutton, Canadian actress
*Paul Andrew Hutton, American historian
*Richard Hutton, English cricketer, son of Len Hutton
*Richard Holt Hutton, British writer
*Ronald Hutton, British historian
*Thomas Jacomb Hutton, British General
*Timothy Hutton, American actor, son of Jim Hutton
*Will Hutton, British writer and commentator
*William David 'Bill' Hutton, Canadian hockey player

ee also

* [ William Hutton, Canadian pioneer]

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