Meat Katie

Meat Katie

Mark Pember, also known as Meat Katie, is a London-based tech-funk producer and DJ. He has gained popularity in recent years in developing his style of tech-funk, combining techno, tribal, electro, breakbeat and house music. He released a large volume of material on the Kingsize label during the late nineties and early 2000s, and currently manages and records for his record label LOT49[1] alongside Dylan Rhymes. The labels artists include Dopamine, Kid Blue,[2] Vandal, Odissi, Elite Force and Lee Coombs. Meat Katie was awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Breakbeat award at the 2006 Breakspoll awards.



  • Off the Bone (1998)
  • Long to Belong (2001)
  • Vibrator (2006)


  • Destination Australia '02 (2003)
  • Bedrock Breaks (2004)
  • Beyond the Darkness (2002)
  • FabricLive.21 (2005)
  • Ministry Of Sound Presents Sessions: Vol. 8.1 (2008)


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