Bâḳî (باقى) was the pen name (Ottoman Turkish: ﻡﺨﻠﺺ "mahlas") of the Ottoman Turkish poet Mahmud Abdülbâkî (محمود عبد الباقى) (1526 – 1600). Considered one of the greatest contributors to Turkish literature, Bâkî came to be known as "Sultânüş-şuarâ" (سلطان الشعرا), or "Sultan of poets".


Bâkî was born to a poor family in Istanbul, his father being a muezzin at the Fatih Mosque. Originally, his family apprenticed him to a harness-maker, but he would often skip work to attend classes at a nearby "medrese", or Islamic school. Because of this, his family eventually allowed him to formally attend school. Bâkî was a good student, and he attended the lectures of many of the famous lecturers of the time. It was during his school years that his interest in and talent for poetry began to take shape, helped largely by the established poet Zâtî (ذاﺕﯽ) (1471–1548). After completing school, he worked for some time as a teacher, but later, as his poetic fame began to grow, he was granted a number of different positions—generally as a "kadı" (ﻗﺎﺽﯽ), or Islamic judge—in the Ottoman bureaucracy. Bâkî died in Istanbul in the year 1600.

Bâkî was always very close to the Ottoman palace, particularly during the reign of Süleymân I, with whom he had good relations. During the subsequent reigns of Selim II and Murad III, he remained close to the palace and to state affairs, and received a great deal of attention and interest both from the public and the palace.


Bâkî lived during the height of the Ottoman Empire, and this affected his poetry greatly. Love, the joy of living, and nature are the primary subjects of his poems. Although almost no Sufi influence is found in his poetry—as it is in many other Ottoman-era poets—his concept of love as revealed in his poetry was not entirely divorced from the Sufi concept thereof.

Bâkî wrote a relatively small number of works in his lifetime, as he always stated that he wanted to make works great in quality rather than quantityFact|date=February 2007. One of his most celebrated works is his "Mersiye-i Hazret-i Süleymân Hân" (مرشيه ﺣﻀﺮت سليمان خان; "Elegy for His Excellency Süleymân Khan"), among the most famed of elegaic works in Turkish literature.

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