Solo may refer to:


*Solo (music), to play music or sing alone
*Drum solo, a portion of the song reserved for the drummer
*Guitar solo, a portion of the song reserved for the guitarist
*Solo (group), and American R&B group
*Solo (band), a Dutch pop rock band
*Solo (dance), a dance done by an individual
*"Solo", a song by rock band Ekhymosis
*"Solo" (Alsou song), a song by Russian singer Alsou
*"", the eighth album by the Christian rock band dc Talk
*Solo album, a musical release by an individual member of a band
*Solo, a division on a Pipe organ, others being Great, Swell, Choir, Positive, and Pedal


*Solo (Marvel Comics), a comic book character created by Marvel Comics.
*"Solo" (comic), a comic book series published by DC Comics

Television and film

*"Solo" (1996 film), a 1996 science-fiction film
*"Solo" (TV series), a television sitcom starring Felicity Kendal
*Han Solo, a character from the "Star Wars" films
*Solo family, relatives and ancestors of Han in the "Star Wars" Expanded Universe
*Napoleon Solo, a character in "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."


* Hope Solo, an American soccer goalkeeper on the women's national team
* "Solo", the nickname of British hacker Gary McKinnon


*Coco Solo, a U.S. Navy submarine base in the Panama Canal Zone
*Bengawan Solo River, the longest river on the Indonesian island of Java (also known as the Solo River)
*Solo, Central Java (known formally as Surakarta), a city in Indonesia


*Solo (debit card), a brand of debit card in the UK
*Solo (soft drink), an Australian soft drink
*Solo (Norwegian soft drink), a Norwegian soft drink
*Panther Solo, a British sports car
*Optare Solo, a British-built midibus
*Solo Cup Company, a manufacturer of consumer packaging products
*Solo Mobile, a wireless series under Bell Mobility in Canada
*Solo Antivirus, a compact commercial antivirus utility


*Solo climbing, or soloing, a style of climbing in which the climber climbs alone
*Solo whist, a trick-taking card game based on whist
*Solo adventure games, single player role playing games.

Other uses

*Solo exhibition, a display in a gallery, museum or other venue of the works of only one visual artist
*EC-130 Commando Solo, a United States special-purpose aircraft used for broadcasting
*Solo, a character class in the "Cyberpunk 2020" roleplaying game
*A student aircraft pilots First solo flight
*S.O.L.O., a wilderness emergency medicine school in Conway, New Hampshire
*Sense of Life Objectivists (SOLO), an Objectivist group
*SOLO Taxonomy, structure of Observed Learning Outcomes
*Acronym for Solar Orbiter, a planned ESA solar probe
*Independent fuel retailer in Australia purchased by Ampol in the 1990s
*"Dance Dance Revolution Solo", a music video game series by Konami

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