Ladies' Night (song)

Ladies' Night (song)

Single infobox
Name = Ladies' Night

Artist = Kool and the Gang
from Album = Ladies' Night
Released = November 1979
Format = Vinyl record (7")
Recorded =
Genre = Funk, Soul
Length = 3:34
Label = DeLite Records (Polygram)
Producer = Eumir Deodato
Last single = "Open Sesame (Part 1)" (1976)
Next single = "Too Hot" (1980)

"Ladies' Night" was the hit title track single on the album "Ladies' Night" released in 1979 by Kool and the Gang. The song as a single was a success, and became a radio staple. It was also a chart success, peaking at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1980.cite book |title= Rock N' Roll Gold Rush |last= Dean |first= Maury |authorlink= Maury Dean |coauthors= |year= 2003 |publisher= Algora |location= |isbn= 0-87586-207-1 |pages= 287 |url= ]

A short rendition of the song appeared in the 1997 film "The Wedding Singer" in which Jon Lovitz performed in an attempt to convince female lead Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore) to hire him for her wedding.

It was featured on the video game Karaoke Revolution.

Track lists


Remake video

The video begins with many people anxiously crowded around the entrance of a club, trying to get in. Suddenly a pink plasma waves sweeps through the middle of the crowd, from the door, pushing them off to either side. The kittens head into the Kitten Club, and the crowd follows them in, until only the bouncer is left standing outside.

In the well-lit club, the kittens groove about and sing, a great deal of which is on a pure white discothèque dance floor. They primarily dance in a row, with two rows of men behind them, though occasionally they are straddling the fellows, or performing other dance moves with them.

Exactly 37 seconds into the video, drag queens are spotted, they are first featured 50 seconds in. They appear repeatedly throughout the video, including in the women's washroom, near the video's conclusion. The metrosexual or homosexual bartender, baring resemblance to Boy George, appears throughout the video. At 1:54, Jen starts to flirt with him, as if going in for a kiss; in actuality, she's stealing his drink from behind him. While a man hits on Lil, he is in turn hit on by another man, at 1:10. There is also a man dancing in a cage with a round top; there is no suggestion if this is to entertain the straight or homosexuals in attendance, or both.

At 1:27, the Kittens flip their hands in the air, creating pink plasma as appeared earlier in the video. This transports them to the opposite side of the club, where they appear on rollerskates, in different outfits. They use their magic again, at 2:16, instantly stripping three men down to pink lycra underwear. The men, in their skivvies, visit the girls at their booth. Tash is so amused at the provided crotch view that she brings out American money which she waves around; money is never actually transferred.

At the very start of the video, when Jen blows a kiss, lip marks appear on the screen as a graphic.

The video itself is 3:09 minutes long, however it is preceded with the following white text on a black background: cquote|no men were hurt during
the making of this
(that happened later!)
There is a one second fade to black at 3:15.

The video director was Cameron Casey.


Atomic Kitten featuring Kool and the Gang

Published by EMI

* Written by Ronald Bell of Kool and the Gang
* Produced by Kaylis Bayyan and Leigh Guest for Unique Corp Ltd
* Co-Produced by Andy Whitmore
* Additional production and mix: Ash Howes, Martin Harrington
* Engineered by Keith Uddin
* Programming by Reece Gilmore, Leigh Guest, Andy Whitmore

* Bass guitar: Robert "Kool" Bell
* Tenor saxophone, keyboards: Kalis Bayyan
* Guitars: Charles Smith
* Alto saxophone: Dennis "D. T." Thomas
* Keyboard: George "Funky" Brown
* Trumpet, trombone: Clifford Adams
* Trumpet, vocals: Sennie "Skip" Martin
* Vocals: Natasha Hamilton, Liz McClarnon, Jenny Frost, and Shawn McQuiller
* Drums: Tim Horton

* Vocal arranger: Anthony Thompson
* Additional keyboard: Andy Whitmore
* Additional guitar: Andrew Smith
* Musical arranger: Leigh Guest

* Recorded at KFTA Studios, New Jersey, Metropolis Studios, London, Unique Corp Studios, London
* UK production engineer: James Loughrey
* Executive producers: Alan Bellman, Les Molloy, Richard Mayes for Unique Corp

Other covers

"Ladies Night" was also remade with Spanner Banner and Sean Paul in 2004. This was also a collaboration with Kool & the Gang and reached 58 in the Swedish chart [ [] "Ladies Night" (Spanner Banner) page Accessed: October 29, 2006] The song is also coved by the San Francisco indie rock band "Two Seconds" at their live shows.


The popular Canadian teen drama , which is known for named each episode after an 80s hit song, named an episode after this song.


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* [ Official Kool & the Gang site]
* [ Official Atomic Kitten site]

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