Federation of Bhutanese Trade Unions

Federation of Bhutanese Trade Unions

Infobox Union
name= FOBTU
country= Bhutan
members= 14 sector unions
full_name= Federation of Bhutanese Trade Unions

founded= 2001
office= Kathmandu, Nepal
people= Nandi K.S. Neopaney, president
Nath Timsina, general secretary

The Federation of Bhutanese Trade Unions is a national trade union federation of Bhutan. It was founded in exile in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2001.

According to ICTUR, although it reports having 14 sectorial unions, there is no apparent organized labour activity within Bhutan itself.


*cite book
year = 2005
title = Trade Unions of the World
editor = ICTUR et al,
edition = 6th
publisher = John Harper Publishing
location = London, UK
id = ISBN 0-9543811-5-7

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