Identity may refer to:


* Identity (philosophy), the sameness of two things
* Identity theory of mind, in the philosophy of mind, holds that the mind is identical to the brain
* Personal identity (philosophy)
* Identity (social science)
* Identity formation
* Law of identity, a principle of logic


* Identity (mathematics), an equality that holds regardless of the values of its variables
* Identity function, a function that does not alter its argument
* Identity element, a special element in a set or structure with respect to an operator
* Identity matrix, a square matrix I with ones on the diagonal, zeros elsewhere

ocial science and psychology

*Identity (social science), stemming from cognitive theory, sociology, politics, and psychology.
*Cultural identity, a person's self-affiliation (or categorization by others) as a member of a cultural group
*Gender identity, the gender with which a person identifies (or is identified by others)
*Psychological identity, an individual's unique identity that develops relatively late in his life. (see Identity formation)
*Identity In Organizational Communication, organizational communication scholars look at how our membership in different organizations shapes our “selves,” both in our workplace and in our group affiliations.
*Online identity, established and used by computer network users (see also Digital identity in Computer Science)
*National identity, belief in membership of a nation.In some countries where there is more than one "nation" in the state or identity is otherwise confused, there may be a debate over what the nation's real identity is, see::*Britishness, Scottish national identity:*Canadian identity, Québécois nation motion


* Accounting identity, a basic accounting relation that must hold by definition
*Corporate identity, the physical manifestation of a business brand
*Identity theft, the deliberate appropriation of someone else's identity (without that person's permission) for criminal purposes

Computer science

*Digital identity, the representation of identity in terms of digital information (see also online identity in social science)
*Federated identity, identity management with defined trust relations between independent principals
*Laws of identity [] , laws that define a unifying identity metasystem
*Identity (object-oriented programming), a property of objects that allows those objects to be distinguished from each other.
*Identity column in SQL Server, a database field whose values uniquely identify a row in the table


* Christian Identity, a Christian religious movement

Television, film, music and literature

*"Identity" (novel), by Milan Kundera
*"Identity" (film), directed by James Mangold and starring John Cusack
*"Identity" (album), by Zee with Richard Wright and Dave Harris
*Identity (music), a transformation of pitches in music
*"Identity" (game show), a short lived game show
*, an episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
*Identity, an episode of the USA Network television show "Burn Notice".
*Identify (song), a Natalie Imbruglia song
*iD_eNTITY, a manhwa
* the name of the BNP magazine

See also

* Secret identity (disambiguation)
* Identity theft
* Identity document
* Identification (disambiguation)
* Biometrics
* Entity

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