Too Much Trouble

Too Much Trouble

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Southern Rap
Years_active = 1992 - 1997
Label = Rap-A-Lot, American Recordings
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Too Much Trouble (often abbreviated to "TMT") is a defunct Rap group from Houston, Texas. The group managed to produce three albums before disbanding in 1997.


Claiming the subtitle of "The Baby Geto Boys", the group featured a dwarf, Bar-None, as their answer to Geto Boy's Bushwick Bill, the difference being that Bar-None was white, but slightly shorter than Bushwick Bill.


After the commercial success of the Rap-A-Lot Records group, the Geto Boys, many other Houston-based rap groups quickly emerged from the local underground scene and were signed to the Rap-A-Lot record label in the early 1990's. This movement formed a small alliegence among the rap label that came to be known as The Fifth Ward Circle. Amongst the many groups signed to the record label was the three-piece rap group Too Much Trouble.

Their first album, 'Bringin' Hell On Earth', was the group's most effective and successful album to date. Although the featured content of the album was viewed by some as powerful, offensive, and disturbing other listenres found the material clichéd and redundant. It's hard to discern whether the album was intended to be self-parody or mindless exploitation of what was then a hugely profitable sub-genre of rap music. Nonetheless the overall product was greater than the sum of its parts and 'Bringin' Hell On Earth' is now a rare and collectable classic from Rap-A-Lot Records early history, probably best remembered for the fairly vile track called "Take The Pussy" extolling the virtues of rape and glorifying the sexual abuse of women.

Things went sour for the group after 1992. Many believe after losing some members they became unfocused, uninspired and complacent. Their later albums are widely regarded as failures.


*Drunk D
*Nickle Nut
*Ghetto MC


*Bringing Hell on Earth (Rap-A-Lot Records, 1992)
*Player's Choice (Rap-A-Lot Records, 1993)
*Too Much Weight (Rap-A-Lot Records, 1997)

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