List of South Africa-related topics

List of South Africa-related topics

The following is a partial list of South Africa-related topics. Those interested in the subject can monitor changes to the pages by clicking on "Related changes" in the sidebar.


*History of South Africa


*Jan van Riebeeck
*History of Cape Colony
*Xhosa Wars
*Great Trek
*Zulu War (see also Anglo-Zulu War)
*Boer Wars
**Pretoria Convention
*History of apartheid
**Sharpeville massacre
**Rivonia Trial
**Crime of Apartheid Convention (1973)
*South African Border War
*Military history of South Africa

Historical groups

*Azanian People's Liberation Army
*Democratic Party (South Africa) (DP)
*Dutch East India Company
*National Party
*Umkhonto we Sizwe


*Bonteheuwel (relocation site under Group Areas Act)
*Cape Colony
**History of Cape Colony
*Robben Island


*Table Mountain
*Rivers of South Africa
*Protected areas of South Africa


*Union of South Africa
*South African Republic
*South African History Project
**Immorality Act


*Governor-General of the Union of South Africa

*Concentration camp


*Politics of South Africa


*Parliament of South Africa
*President of South Africa
*State President of South Africa
*List of Presidents of South Africa
*List of Prime Ministers of South Africa


*Constitution of South Africa
*List of South African legislation
*South African nationality law


*Foreign relations of South Africa


*List of political parties in South Africa
**African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)
**African National Congress (ANC)
**Democratic Alliance
**Freedom Front (FF)
**Independent Democrats
**Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)
**New National Party (NNP)
**Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC)
**South African Communist Party (SACP)
**United Democratic Movement (UDM)

International associations

*African Union
*Commonwealth of Nations


*Flag of South Africa
*Coat of Arms of South Africa
*The national anthem of South Africa
*Truth and Reconciliation Commission
*South African Civil Aviation Authority


*Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)
*Child Labour Programme of Action


*Afrikaner Calvinism
*Culture of South Africa

*Cinema of South Africa
*Khoikhoi mythology
*Ladysmith Black Mambazo
*List of Afrikaans language poets
*List of radio stations in South Africa
*List of South African poets
*Nguni stick fighting
*Popular Culture
*South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)
*South African heraldry
*South African Scout Association
*Television in South Africa

Language and ethnicity

*Demographics of South Africa
*Languages of South Africa

*Afrikaans language
*English language (South African English)
**Southern Ndebele language ("isiNdebele")
**Swati language ("siSwati")
**Xhosa language ("isiXhosa")
**Zulu language ("isiZulu")
*Sotho languages
**Sotho language ("Sesotho")
**Northern Sotho language ("Sesotho sa Leboa")
**Tswana language ("Setswana")
*Venda language ("Tshivenda")
*Tsonga language ("Xitsonga")
*!Xu language

*Bantu languages
*Khoisan languages

**Cape Coloureds
*Jewish South Africans

*South Africa Kaffir people

*Click consonant


*Geography of South Africa

*List of cities in South Africa
*Provinces of South Africa
*National parks
*List of rivers of Africa

*Cape of Good Hope
*Kalahari Desert
*Table Mountain
*Tugela Falls
*Soweto (Soweto Township)

*Fish River
*Orange River
*Tugela River


*Neil Aggett
*Tatamkulu Afrika
*Steve Biko
*Pieter Willem Botha
*J. M. Coetzee
*Mahatma Gandhi
*Frederik Willem de Klerk
*Paul Kruger
*Winnie Madikizela-Mandela
*Nelson Mandela
*Govan Mbeki
*Thabo Mbeki
*Lilian Ngoyi
*Raymond Mhlaba
*Harry Oppenheimer
*Jan van Riebeeck
*Walter Sisulu
*J.G. Strijdom
*Oliver Tambo
*Desmond Tutu
*B.J. Vorster


*List of universities in South Africa


**King protea
*Real Yellowwood, the national tree
*List of Southern African indigenous trees


*Blue Crane (national bird)
*Bontebok and antelope in general.

Institutions & Groups

*Treatment Action Campaign
*South African Council for the Architectural Profession


*Springbok Rugby Team
*Soaring Society of South Africa
*South African Chess Championship
*South African Football Association
*South African Basketball
*South African Rugby
*Football World Cup 2010


*Alcan in Africa
*Anglo American
*BHP Billiton
*East London Development Zone Corporation
*Etruscan Resources
*Kumba Resources
*List of radio stations in South Africa
*Mineral Commodities
*Mvelaphanda Group
*Mvelaphanda Holdings
*Richards Bay Minerals RBM
*South African Airways (SAA)
*Southern Mining Corporation
*Telkom (South Africa)
*Ticor Limited
**Blue Train
**Shosholoza Meyl
**South African Port Operations SAPO


*Impi Linux
*Ubuntu Linux
*Iron ore in Africa
*Platinum in Africa
*Titanium in Africa
*Titanium in South Africa
*Transportation in South Africa
*HIV/AIDS in South Africa

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*Lists of country-related topics

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