Tilt sensor

Tilt sensor

A tilt sensor is can measure the ing in often two axes of a reference plane in two axes.In contrast, a full motion would use at least three axes and often additional sensors.One way to measure tilt angle with reference to the earths ground plane, is to use an Accelerometer. Typical applications can be found in the industry and in game controllers.

Nintendo used tilt sensor technology in four games for its Game Boy series of hand-held game systems. The tilt sensor allows players to control aspects of the game by twisting the game system. The three games that use this feature are:

* "Yoshi Topsy-Turvy" (Game Boy Advance)
* "" (Game Boy Advance)(Japan and North America only)
* "Koro Koro Puzzle Happy Panechu!" (Game Boy Advance)(Japan only)
* "Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble" (Game Boy Color)

Tilt sensors can also be found in game controllers such as the Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro and Sony's PlayStation 3 controller.

However, unlike these other controllers in which the tilt sensor serves as a supplement to normal control methods, it serves as one of the central features of Nintendo's Wii Remote and nunchuk attachment. Along with accelerometers, the tilt sensors are a primary method of control in most Wii games.

It is now being used in many different aspects, instead of just games like motocrossing and flight simulators. It can be used for sport gaming, First Person Shooters, and other odd uses such as in ""

Another example is a virtual version of a wooden maze with obstacles in which you have to maneuver a ball by tilting the maze. A homebrew tilt sensor interface was made for the Palm (PDA).

Other uses

Tilt sensors are used for:
* indicating pitch and roll of vehicles, sail boats, and aircraft.
* Monitoring boom angle of cranes and material handlers.
* Measuring the "look angle" of a satellite antenna towards a satellite.
* Measuring the slope angle of a tape or chain during distance measurement.
* Estimating the height of a building, tree, or other feature using a vertical angle and a distance (determined by taping or pacing).
* Measuring the angle of drilling in well-logging applications.
* Measuring the height of trees or other poles
* Measuring steepness of a ski slope. (<10 deg for beginners, 10-20 "green", 15-25 "blue", 25-35 "black", 35-45 "double black")

Factors which influence the use of clinometers

(Overall accuracy varies depending on the type of tilt sensor (or inclinometer) and technology utilized)
* Gravity
* temperature (drift), zero offset, linearity, vibration, shock, cross-axis sensitivity, acceleration/deceleration
* A clear line of sight between the user and the measured point is needed.
* A well defined object is required to obtain the maximum precison.
* The angle measurement precision and accuracy is limited to slightly better than one degree of arc .

urvey methods used for

* Tilt sensors are used for the measurement of angles, typically in reference to gravity.
* The USDA Forest Service uses tilt sensors (or clinometers) to measure tree height in its Forest Inventory and Analysis program.

ee also

* inclinometer

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