Tap may refer to:
* Tap (valve), controls the release of a liquid or gas
* Tap or Flap consonant, a type of consonantal sound
* Telephone tapping, the monitoring of telephone conversations by a third party
* Tap (transformer), an intermediate connection point on an electrical transformer
* Tapping, a playing technique for stringed instruments
* Tap dance
* Tap (gaming), tapping as a gaming term
* "Tap" (film), 1989 movie starring Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis Jr
* To tap a furnace containing molten metal is to remove the metal from the furnace
* Tap, one of two 1974 FIFA World Cup mascot
* Táp, a village in Hungary
* Tap, a term commonly used in Finite impulse response filter design to denote one term of the difference equation
* Tap and die, cutting tools used to cut screw threads in solid substances (to tap, or tapping)

TAP may stand for:
* IATA code: Tapachula International Airport, Chiapas, Mexico
*TAP Portugal, a Portuguese airline
*TAP Pharmaceutical Products
*Test Access Port or network tap, in computer and communications equipment
*Trans-Adriatic Pipeline
*Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline
*Transporter associated with antigen processing
*Tajna Armia Polska (Secret Polish Army), a resistance movement in Poland, during the Second World War
*Tuition Assistance Program, a financial aid program in New York State
*Trans-Alaska Pipeline System
*Trans-Arabian Pipeline
*Tandem Affinity Purification, a method to detect protein-protein interactions
*Tomographic atom probe, an instrument in which a sharp tip is ionized and a 3D atomic reconstruction is made
*TUN/TAP, a virtual Ethernet device driver
*Telocator Alphanumeric input Protocol aka IXO
*Test Anything Protocol, a standard output format for the display of software unit testing results
*The Alpiri Project a Semantic Web application
*The Amazing Pudding, a magazine about Pink Floyd
*Transferred Account Procedure the mechanism by which mobile telecom operators exchange roaming billing information
*Test Access Port, another name for the controlling state machine part of the JTAG boundary scan architecture
*Temporal Analysis of Products, A transient experimental reactor used to characterize heterogeneous catalysts
*Topfield TAP, a software program used to customise the operation of a Topfield PVR
*Transit Access Pass, a multi-ride fare card used in Los Angeles County
*Molson Coors Brewing Company, the NYSE and TSX stock symbol
*Teens Against Pornography, a support forum for teenagers struggling with pornography
*Thallium Hydrogen Phthalate, an organometallic crystal
*Microsoft TAP, an acronym for Microsoft Technology Adoption Program, a select program for beta software releases
*Time-sharing Assembly Program for the SDS 940 computer
*TAP (novelette) is a 1995 novelette by Greg Egan
*Technological American Party, June 1971 Hoffman and Al Bell started the pioneer phreak magazine
*Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) is a protocol for submitting requests to a cellular or pager service as a numeric or alphanumeric message.

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