Preachers from Outer Space!

Preachers from Outer Space!

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Name = Preachers from Outer Space!
Type = Live Album
Artist = Daniel Amos

Released = 1994
Recorded =
Genre = Rock
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Label = Stunt Records
Producer = Daniel Amos
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This album = "Preachers from Outer Space!" (1994)
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"Preachers from Outer Space!" is the title of a 1994 live album by rock band Daniel Amos, released on Stunt Records.

"Preachers" chronicles a bit of what the band was doing in those "missing years" of 1978-1981; after much of the "Horrendous Disc" album had been finished, and about four years before it would finally be released by its label. The show starts with a few of the band's earlier country/rock songs like "Shotgun Angel," and "Happily Married Man," and then introduces the audience to many songs from the still unreleased album. Also included on this collection are the rare concert favorites, "Mary Baker Eddy" and "Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses" - neither of which has ever been recorded by the band for an album or released officially on any other project.

Track listing

# "Shotgun Angel"
# "Abidin'"
# "Happily Married Man"
# "Salvation Wings" * Previously Unreleased song
# "Hound of Heaven"
# "Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses" * Previously Unreleased song
# "Horrendous Disc"
# "Posse in the Sky"
# "Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses" * Previously Unreleased song (Alternate version)
# "Mary Baker Eddy" * Previously Unreleased song
# "I Love You #19" (Early Demo)
# "You Always Run Away From Love" (Early Demo) * Previously Unreleased song
# "As Long As I Live" (studio out-take) * Previously Unreleased song
# "I Get Around (Studio Out-take) * Beach Boys cover


* Terry Scott Taylor on rhythm guitars and lead vocals.
* Marty Dieckmeyer on bass guitar.
* Jerry Chamberlain on guitar, backing vocals. Lead vocals on tracks 1 & 7.
* Mark Cook on keyboards, backing vocals. Lead vocal on track 12.
* Ed McTaggart on drums.
* Alex MacDougall on percussion (tracks 9-14 only).

Additional musicians

* Dom Franco played Steel Guitar (Tracks 1-8).

Production notes

* Recorded live on 16-track by Rich Houston and Jonathan David Brown, March 25, 1978.
* Tracks 9 & 10 recorded on two-track in Oil City, PA by Neal Williams, May 10, 1978.
* Tracks 11-14 Demos recorded on four-track at the Rebel Base, Autumn 1978.
* Mixed by Gene Eugene at Mixing Lab A, Garden Grove, California.
* Mastered by Doug Doyle at Digital Brothers, Newport Beach, California.
* Layout and Design by Tom Gulotta, Patton Brothers, San Diego, California.
* Photography by Larry Frowick, Scott Lockwood and other folks whose names we've sadly forgotten.
* Original Concert Flyer Illustrated by Rick Griffin.

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