Pomorze Army

Pomorze Army

The Pomeranian Army ( _pl. Armia Pomorze) was one of the Polish armies to take part in the Polish Defensive War of 1939. It was officially created on March 23, 1939. Led by Gen.dyw. Władysław Bortnowski, it consisted of 5 infantry divisions, 2 National Defence brigades and 1 cavalry brigade.


The Army was tasked to defend Toruń and Bydgoszcz from a possible German attack and to carry out delaying actions in the "Polish Corridor" area.

Operational history

The Army was mostly destroyed during the Battle of Tuchola Forest; losing about a third of its strength. In retreat towards Warsaw since September 6th, it subordinated itself to Army Poznań and took part in the battle of Bzura (September 9th-20th).


The Army was commanded by general Władysław Bortnowski; his chief of staff was colonel I. Izdebski.

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*pl icon [http://portalwiedzy.onet.pl/53777,,,,armie_i_samodzielne_grupy_operacyjne_wojska_polskiego_1939,haslo.html Armie i samodzielne grupy operacyjne Wojska Polskiego 1939] WIEM Encyklopedia

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