Closing time

Closing time

Closing Time may refer to:

  • Closing time, the time when a business establishment ceases operations for the day. In the case of a bar, this is called "last call" (for alcohol). Also called "bar time" when referring to the closing time of a bar or pub. "Bar time" refers to the practice of setting the bar's clock ahead ten or fifteen minutes to facilitate closing by a legally required time.

In music:

  • "The Girls Get Prettier At Closing Time" (song), a song by Mickey Gilley
  • Closing Time (album), the 1973 debut album by singer-songwriter Tom Waits; also a song from the album
  • "Closing Time" (Leonard Cohen song), a 1992 song by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen from the album The Future
  • "Closing Time" (Semisonic song), a 1998 song by the musical group Semisonic from the album Feeling Strangely Fine
  • "Closing Time" (Hole song), an unreleased song by alternative rock band Hole
  • Closing Time (band), a Danish band rooted in Århus
  • "Closing Time" (Lyle Lovett song), a song by Lyle Lovett from the album Live in Texas

In literature:

In television:

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