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Uptech Computer

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Uptech Computer is a computer products and services franchise company formed in Florida, USA in 1989 as a subsidiary of PC Warehouse. Each individual franchise owner was given the option of changing branding at the time of the changeover. Some owners chose to maintain the original name, but most eventually moved to the new name Uptech Computers.

Uptech has many loose-knit franchise locations in the US as well as a few in Canada.

The company provides PC repair and upgrade services as well as selling custom built PC's.

In August, 2004 Microsoft brought suit against the owners of one franchise for distributing pirated copies of Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Office 2000. [http://www.microsoft.com/piracy/partners/alerts.mspx]

Information on piracy case


{Direct link removed due to expiration, direct original quote below}

"Microsoft Takes Legal Action in Connecticut To Stop Software PiracyCompany Heeds Call of Legitimate Resellers to Level Playing Field for Ethical Business Owners

As part of Microsoft Corp.'s commitment to honest and legitimate resellers in the channel, the company filed nine lawsuits in nine cities across the country against resellers who have allegedly distributed infringing Microsoft software. Each of the companies named in the lawsuits filed on August 10, 2004 were distributing infringing software on computers that they sold to investigators, according to the complaints. Defendants in each case were contacted by Microsoft requesting that they halt their activities.

Lawsuits were filed against companies located in Uniontown and Allentown, Pennsylvania; Lodi, New Jersey; Houston, Texas; Miami, Florida; Wethersfield, Connecticut; Dandridge, Tennessee; Grand Rapids, Michigan and Marina del Rey, California. The lawsuits allege distribution of counterfeit and/or infringing copies of Microsoft software.

Filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut:

Microsoft Corporation v. PC Warehouse/Uptech, et al., Wethersfield, Connecticut, alleging distribution of infringing copies of Microsoft Windows 98, Office 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Professional.(Case No 3:04CV1327 (JBA))"

The store in question was charged with "Hard drive loading" of the software titles in question. This is a process of installing said software completely, and then copying the installation media to the computer hard drive. There is no installation media nor installation key given with the service. This is a violation of nearly all software E.U.L.A. (End User License Agreement) This practice, like in most franchises, is not a companywide policy and should not be considered as such. Each location is owned, managed, and staffed separately.

External links

* [http://www.pcwarehouse.com PC Warehouse]
* [http://www.uptechcomputer.com/index.php/index Uptech Louisville, KY]
* [http://www.uptechal.com/ Uptech Hoover, AL]
* [http://www.uptechusa.com/stores.asp Uptech Winter Park, FL]
* [http://www.uptechtn.com/about.htm Uptech Memphis, TN]

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